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Leonid Kuchma is overheard by a virus

In Kiev the virtual traitor disclosing the state secrets appeared. If before them learnt by means of taps now it does the computer virus SirCam delivering in the Internet classified documents of administration of Leonid Kuchma.

yesterday in the morning employees of the Ukrainian information site the Forum (www. for - ua. com) have found out in the correspondence some files which the protective program of Laboratory of Kaspersky identified as a product of work of computer virus SirCam. This virus chooses text files from the infected computer and dispatches them to any e-mail addresses.
the first file sent by a virus has appeared the project of offers on deepening of economic relations with the Russian Federation . The second - the constant plan of movement across Kiev presidents of Ukraine and Russia during celebrating of decade of independence of Ukraine.
that received the Forum documents - not the forgery, indirectly testifies a press - release of security service of Ukraine (SBU), extended through agency Interfax - Ukraine . In it SBU has called heads of all structures working in telecommunication sphere with the information of the state level to raise reliability of technical and anti-virus protection. The Ukrainian special service has underlined, what exactly virus SirCam has put serious enough damage both to simple users, and the state corporate networks .
In some hours after classified documents of Presidential Administration of Ukraine have been thrown out in the Internet, in SBU ascertained that the documents which have appeared in a network, Can do real political and economic harm to Ukraine .
At the same time the author of publications on a site the Forum on this theme has told to the correspondent that representatives SBU already hinted it that the choice of the received files seems to them strange. They concern relations of Russia and Ukraine, moreover and are received in day of a meeting of presidents of the countries in Sochi. In computers of administration of the Ukrainian president other documents suffice also, however the virus why - that has chosen only in what it is a question of uneasy mutual relations of Russia and Ukraine.