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Interros - hope the Soviet sports

Yesterday the company prof - media declared the successful termination of negotiations about purchase of a controlling interest of the newspaper the Soviet sports . It is expected that the transaction will be finished in September. During the same time there will be also first changes in the sports newspaper.

Joint-Stock Company prof - media owns actions of following mass-media: joint-stock company newspaper Edition ` News ` Joint-Stock Company the Publishing house ` Komsomol truth ` Joint-Stock Company Magazine ` the Expert ` ; Joint-Stock Company newspaper Edition ` the Aerial ` Open Company the Belarus newspaper Joint-Stock Company prof - media - the Press ( the Express train - the newspaper ), Joint-Stock Company AEI the Prime - TASS Open Company the Enterprise ` Autoradio ` Joint-Stock Company prof - media - Radio (the project News - it - a line ) Open Company Redaktsionno - the publishing centre ` Komsomol truth ` Open Company the Holding company ` Today - the Press ` Joint-Stock Company Advertising group ` the Alpha - Media - Service ` (the project Initsial ). The company prof - media it is supervised by holding Interros .

the Soviet sports - the sports newspaper of the country published since 1924 second for popularity, - the second time for three years changes owners. In the end of 1998 the controlling stock of its actions has bought MN - fund (CHIF the Moscow real estate ) . Has bought in a deplorable state: shortly before it Jalos - bank where the publishing house held accounts has failed, and after a default was found out that the commercial director invested all remained means in state credit obligations. MN - fund does not specialise on media business - during possession of the newspaper it has made its break-even and has started to search to it for the buyer. Negotiations with prof - media went almost one and a half year. Now the transaction still legally is not finished - the newspaper re-registration on the new owner will come to the end not earlier than the middle of September.
Victor Khruschev, the editor-in-chief the Soviet sports so has commented on change of owners of the edition: edition Purchase ` Prof - media ` is a positive turn in our destiny. Earlier people for whom publishing business in general - that was in a novelty were engaged in us. It becomes possible, fast the newspaper of more dynamical, with tabloid elements, conversations on are had making its colour. The edition structure hardly will change. Anyway, on representation of board of directors new owners have resulted to us an example with ` Autoradio `: when they have bought it, have not expelled any person .
Head prof - media Vadim Gorjainov has declared yesterday that the next months personnel shifts will not be. But has promised that changes in the newspaper will pass in September. Answering a question on its personal relation to to the Soviet sports mister Gorjainov has told that to it the newspaper potential is pleasant, but the small circulation and an advertising small amount " is not pleasant;. Obviously, over elimination of these lacks the new owner also will work.
head prof - media says that the newspaper now makes profit and business - the project is perspective. But, probably, purchase the Soviet sports partly it is possible to explain and the human factor - Bosses Interros seriously go in for sports. Vladimir Potanin, the president of holding, well plays football. Michael Prokhorov, the president of Rosbank and general director GMK Norilsk nickel (enter in Interros ), is fond of oriental combat sports and basketball. Dmitry Zelenin, the first deputy of director GMK, perfectly knows the majority of the Russian and European mountain-skiing slopes. Besides personal hobbies, the part of business of the company is connected with sports also - to it belongs CSKA - Holding in which enters basketball and hockey commands of CSKA.