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Alexander Lukashenko again has exposed all

Yesterday the president of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko has told about preparing in days of presidential election power capture of the power. It also has told about coming in the near future vbrose materials compromising it. According to the president, necessary documents are already printed . In Russia.

to inform the suspicions to each citizen of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko has chosen the state television as a tribune. On the TV it was some times broadcast 40 - minute performance of the president, it was impossible so to pass it.
To begin with Alexander Grigorevich named the Belarus oppositionists morons, and then has accused them of blasting of the constitutional system and preparing revolution. The plan, according to the president, looks as follows. Already a certain information network, " is now created; Consisting of the American computers established in all areas of the country . In the election day, on September, 9th, 15 - 17 thousand western observers will interview voted on an exit from polling districts. The information instantly it is dumped in the centre where foreign journalists sit, and gets to channels CNN, Reuters and to that similar. so was in Yugoslavia - prior to the beginning of counting of votes certain Belarus Koshtunitsa appears, - mister Lukashenko has declared. - and on September, 10th not consent which will be not less than 10 thousand persons, are reduced to president residence, plus of the gaper, and they attack president residence. Thus, they seize power and declare in Belarus Koshtunitsu .
However the president has dispelled at once all doubts and has calmed own citizens: I in the bunker to sit, as Milosevic, I will not be . Mister Lukashenko has declared that do not intend to wait also will struggle. To begin with it has threatened to publish in what were engaged in Minsk head of mission of OSCE in Belarus Hans George Vick, OSCE and the West . By the way, (Hans Georg Vik) the Belarus president considers mister Vick as the chief of a staff of all opposition. There it is flown down all information .
Alexander Lukashenko considers that in the near future opposition will pull out the former public prosecutor of Belarus Oleg Bozhelko. It supposedly will give a series of interview against the power. Besides, mister Lukashenko expects massed vbros on the president and chairmen of village councils, well, can, will stop on district executive committees . According to mister Lukashenko, the compromising evidence on it is shown in the separate book which is already printed where - that in Moscow or Peter .