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The terrorist basaevskogo an appeal

the Office of Public Prosecutor of Stavropol Territory investigating capture of hostages in Nevinnomyssk, has established that terrorist Said - Sultan Ediev has made not only this crime. According to inspectors, it was the organizer of capture in 1994 of the bus with the passengers, following on a route Vladikavkaz - Stavropol. Besides, Ediev was at war on the party of insurgents, has made murder and an attack on the militiaman.

the official identification of a body of the terrorist who has grasped past Monday about Nevinnomyssk the bus with passengers (how hostages have been released, in detail informed) yesterday has been spent. The initial version that the crime was made by the terrorist - the single - the native of village Kurchaloj Said - Sultan Ediev - has completely proved to be true. As at Edieva of parents it has not appeared, for an identification have invited its two uncles: Saida Hasana and Uvajsa. They also have confirmed that fighters Alphas Have shot their nephew.
some interesting circumstances, concerning lives of the terrorist were during the investigation found out. In 1992 - 1993 he was at war in Abkhazia as a part of a so-called Chechen battalion which Shamil Basayev ordered. And in 1994 Ediev was the organizer of capture of the bus following on a route Vladikavkaz - Stavropol. According to the senior inspector on especially important issues of the State Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation of Igor Tkacheva, to such conclusion the consequence has come after additional studying of materials on the case of capture of hostages of seven-year prescription. it is established, what exactly it, instead of Magomed Bitsiev (sentenced to execution, he has died in prison from a tuberculosis.-) was the leader of the gang which have grasped seven years ago the bus with passengers - the head of a consequence has declared. The inspector has noticed that check of this episode has been begun after the terrorist began to demand clearing of the fellow countrymen from Kurchaloja - Saidbeka Tepsueva and Alvadi Vahidova condemned on business of 1994. By the way, when them, fulfilling the requirement of Edieva have sent from the Petrokumsky colony for tubercular patients to Minvody, condemned have told: to Kill carry . They from the very beginning understood that this time them nobody will release also negotiations with Edievym will come to the end with power operation. Therefore to participate in negotiations have refused. And Ediev as have informed yesterday in the State Office of Public Prosecutor, has refused to exchange hostages for Vladimir Ustinova.
In 1994 Edievu managed in any image to disappear from justice, - Igor Tkachev has told. - It passed on materials of that business, however to establish its participation in a crime then it was not possible .
Nevertheless in the same 1994 Ediev nevertheless has been condemned by Budennovsky regional court - for illegal storage of the weapon: then in its car the hiding place with several " has been found out; trunks . After clearing the terrorist some time was at war against federal forces as a part of illegal armed formations. And recently it was in federal search, truth, for other reason. Edieva suspect of participation in bombardment of a post of traffic police in settlement Aleksandrovsky Stavropol Territory in July of this year, and also to recent murder of the taxi driver in Andropovsky area of Stavropol Territory. But anyway, criminal cases concerning Edieva will be shortly stopped - in connection with death accused.