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The leader Afghans was late for execution

uralmashevskogo authority
  the Leader Afghans was late for execution
uralmashevskogo authority

Yesterday in Sverdlovsk regional court process over the chairman of regional branch of the Union of veterans of Afghanistan Evgenie Petrov and its subordinates has begun. The leader Afghans accuse of the organisation of murder of one of uralmashevskih authorities .

Process has begun with announcement of the bill of particulars. From it followed that in 1994 to Evgenie Petrov who then worked as the adviser in Sverdlovsk regional branch of the Union of veterans of Afghanistan (SOO SVA), the commercial director of the organisation Dmitry Zhdanov has addressed. He was jealous of the spouse of Dmitry Vashkulatu who, under the operative data, was authority uralmashevskoj OPG. The wife of Zhdanov was familiar with Dmitry Vashkulatom from a school bench and when - that was going to marry it. But the promised has appeared in the conclusion. Having released, Dmitry Vashkulat has returned to Ekaterinburg and as Dmitry Zhdanov has suspected, has started to meet his wife.
Evgenie Petrov has agreed to help the colleague with the decision of personal problems and has sent to understand with Dmitry Vashkulatom of four Afghans - Krestjannikova, Azikova, Koksharova and Koljasnikova.
Having met Vashkulata in the street, fighters Have dragged it in the car and have brought to office SOO SVA in the street East, 68. There to it have tried to explain what to look after another`s wives badly. But authority Vashkulat to the thieves did not wish to listen. At Afghans there was a prospect of dismantlings with uralmashevskimi ... In two days of the captive have taken out on 11 - j kilometre of a line Ekaterinburg - Perm. the Afghan Krestjannikov has dug out a tomb, and has then strangled Dmitry Vashkulata a rope. Koksharov and Petrov was late for execution from - for car breakages.
the jealous commercial director Afghans Zhdanov have shot in the end of 1999. It has left a diary in which has in detail described all events connected with abduction authority Vashkulata. Having found out records, inspectors have dug out a corpse and have arrested Afghans . To Petrov, Koljasnikovu, Krestjannikovu, Azikovu and Koksharovu have brought accusation in the organisations of the kidnapping made by a group of persons on preliminary arrangement and then and in murder.
defendants Krestjannikov and Azikov the fault recognised completely, Koksharov and Koljasnikov - only partially. The leader Afghans Petrov during the investigation asserted that asked subordinates simply to help a companion, instead of to kill Vashkulata . On court he the fault did not recognise and has told that its prosecution is connected with attempt to decapitate movement Ural Afghans . (Even prior to the beginning of process they said that business on their leader has been got from giving uralmashevskih gangsters who try to select for a long time belonging to Afghans the markets.)
One of lawyers of defendant Petrov - Vladimir Kuznetsov - has declared to journalists that if the court goes objectively Evgenie Petrov will justify as serious proofs of act incriminated to it are not present . According to the lawyer, in business there are indications accused which has directly committed a crime, and he names the customer of murder not Petrov, and Zhdanov which already is not present for a long time in the live.
on court lawyers have declared the petition for clearing of defendant Petrov under a subscription about nevyezde. Defenders visible the Afghan has supported variety political and public figures, and also known sportsmen. But the court has rejected their request. However, judges have admitted to participation in process as the public defender of the representative of the Union of veterans of Afghanistan Evgenie Zelenkova.
Today in court it is planned to interrogate witnesses of charge and defendants.
will continue to watch process.