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Tikhonov`s Lawyers - younger complain on UFSB
Yesterday Victor Tikhonov accused of preparation of attempt at the governor of Kuzbas of Aman Tuleyev`s lawyers, have directed to Office of Public Prosecutor of the Novosibirsk region the complaint to actions of employees local UFSB which have refused to them request to make additional investigation concerning Victor Tikhonov and to interrogate variety of additional witnesses. According to lawyers Lyudmila Artamonovoj and Sergey Sevruka, Victor Tikhonov`s preliminary legal investigation it is spent it is extremely incomplete. If also the Office of Public Prosecutor refuses to lawyers satisfaction of their complaint, defenders intend to declare the similar petition in the first day of forthcoming litigation. It is expected that business will arrive on consideration of court not later than August, 5th.
Konstantin Voronov, Novosibirsk

John Tobbin is released conditionally - ahead of schedule
Yesterday the administrative commission of the Rossoshansky standard regime penal colony of Voronezh region OZH 118/ 8, where American John Tobbin contains (John Tobbin), has passed the decision on it conditionally - an early release.
John Tobbin was in prison six months, that is has stayed half of term in one year, which to it distances for storage of drugs. Check has found out that no claims to behaviour of condemned Tobbina are available, therefore the commission according to the legislation has made decision to address in district court with representation about it conditionally - an early release. The next exit session of court should pass in a colony today. In case of the positive decision it will be authorised to John Tobbinu to choose, remain in Voronezh and to continue training at the state university or to leave the country. In the second case it will be necessary for it to notify corresponding bodies on the decision. Besides, anyway the American should receive medical treatment without fail for alcoholism and a drug dependence.
Lyudmila Ivanov, Voronezh

the Expert has confirmed Igor Sutjagina`s fault
Yesterday in the Kaluga regional court where process of Institute of the USA managing sector and Canada Igor Sutjagina`s accused of espionage Russian Academy of Sciences proceeds, the expert on protection of the state secret of Central administrative board of land forces of the Ministry of Defence colonel Sergey Koshelev has given evidences. He considers that Sutjagin actually meaningly collected the information of military character for transfer to representatives of the foreign states . The expert of the Minister of Defence is assured that the damage of national safety has been put already to that Sutjagin has opened a disposition of separate army parts of constant alertness the information about which is not subject to promulgation even at any conclusion of the international contracts in military area . According to colonel Koshelev, Sutjagin shared perspective workings out of new high-precision kinds of the arms, being elements of external safety of the Russian state with employees of the foreign organisation.

At the plane
Yesterday approximately at 12 o`clock Moscow time the engine has refused the Ekaterinburg airport Koltsovo the air liner Silt - 86 companies " has crash-landed; the Ural airlines making flight from Ekaterinburg to Antalya (Turkey). At approach to Samara at an air bus one of four engines has refused. The commander of crew has made emergency decision to return in Ekaterinburg and to crash-land at airport Koltsovo. Anybody from crewmen and 308 passengers has not suffered. Engine causes of a failure are found out by the special commission.
Xenia Smirnova, Ekaterinburg