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Arafat chiede aiuto all ` Italia: Fate partire gli osservatori
Arafat asks Italy about the help: Direct observers
the International observers should arrive as soon as possible, before the termination of operations between Israelis and Palestinians, Yasser Arafat (Yasser Arafat) demands. The old fighter who has got used to constant war about which he speaks even in the Roman hotel Excelsior, does not look tired. However the person of the president of Palestinian autonomy is saddened by that on a way to the purpose - to invite neutral foreign observers to West cost of Jordan - it has met more difficulties, than assumed. On his face the alarm is written.
- you said that it is necessary to carry out as soon as possible the decision the eights about a direction of observers in a zone of the conflict to Israel. But how it is possible to send them if shots of the Israeli soldiers there continue to be distributed and to rattle explosions of the Palestinian armed groups?
- and I will ask you: how you sent international armies to Southern Lebanon? And to Golan heights? How you sent the international armies and observers to Kosovo? How you think to send them to Macedonia? Yes unless the Sacred earth is no more valuable, than all these regions, together taken? I ask you.
- I consider your answer quite convincing. But whether it will convince the governments of the countries the eights ?
- They have already made the decision, already all have solved. Besides, they solved it already twice, even three times. At a meeting of Ministers for Foreign Affairs the eights for euro - the American summit and in Genue. And EU holds the same opinion. They agree with opinion of the Arabian countries, the United Nations and even parts of Israelis.
- but it is supposed that observers should go only after the termination of military operations.
- Is not present, at a meeting the eights the condition about the termination of military operations was not laid down. In the declaration of Ministers for Foreign Affairs it is directly told about negotiation with both parties for decision-making. Then the American administration has insisted on phrase inclusion provided that both parties will come to the common decision . And why in those regions, what I just named, such demand of a consensus was not made? The one who wants to continue war refuses observers only. Unless not so?
- the Prime minister - the minister of Israel Ariel Sharon (Ariel Sharon) has told that has found in Italy the ally and that Silvio Berlusconi (Silvio Berlusconi) - the true friend . There is an opinion that he meant the difficulties which have arisen in dialogue of our country with the Arabian world.
- I do not think. To us well-known a position of Italy and its friendly relation to us. You always were on the party of our people and on the world party.
- the meeting with premieres - the minister is necessary to you. You mark changes in the relation to you its governments?
- is not present. The invitation which was directed to me by my friend Berlusconi, and my presence here show that relations at us good. I will add: the father has agreed to accept me though now very difficult moment, the meeting " recently has ended; the eights is says that relations at us fine.
- whether truth, what you ask to include Italians in number of observers?
- we already have Italian observers - in Hebron, as a part of time international mission. Besides, Italy now presides in to the eight . So we address to it with the request to struggle for that observers have been sent as soon as possible. That they could put in action Mitchell`s plan on restoration of peace.
- on Tuesday bombardment of the building belonging to Hamas Has caused human a victim. The Israeli government confirms: blows would not be put, if Arafat itself has arrested terrorists. What will you tell?
Arafat blinks eyes and bends forward.
- And other crimes of Israelis? Bombardment of civil objects? And that they have burnt olive groves which we call the Roman trees because they grow since times of Ancient Rome? It as is called: terrorism or not? For days they have killed 19 martyrs, my 19 martyrs. Not only in Nablus, and not only from Hamas . Still from Al a veil .
- As you consider, Dzhamal Mansur (Jamal Mansour), an attack overall objective, - the person who has passed through Palestinian and through the Israeli prisons, the soldier or the brother of two kiddies killed together with it was whom?
- Is not present, the soldier it was not. It was the politician, the leader Hamas . Together with companions it belonged to that part Hamas which has supported my decision on the termination of operations. That now will be, what consequences will be, I do not know.
- the spiritual leader Hamas Ahmed Yasin (Ahmed Yassin) has declared that Israelis should pay. It is fair?
- Yasin was imprisoned at them. Why they have released it?
time comes to say goodbye. Arafat finishes: there Is a grandiose tragedy. The world should respond on this crisis .

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