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From August, 3 till August, 9th
Event of week - Ekzistentsija (eXistenZ, 1998) David Kronenberga (David Cronenberg) (on August, 5th, RTR, 23. 15, *****), the Canadian director who is fairly considered as the father of the cinema cyberpunk. Having begun with cheap and sickening horror films about inexplicable epidemics and mass sexual pomeshatelstvah, Kronenberg has gradually convinced criticism that is the true artist - the philosopher. Its films impregnated with animal sexual currents - parables confirm absence of any borders between an organic matter and inorganic, between a human body and electronic prefixes, between man`s and female, live and lifeless. A theme Ekzistentsii - eternal struggle of people against infusorians a shoe. From their meat and veins at underground factories of the near future manufacture the pistols striking on the spot by human teeth. The main advantage of so exotic weapon that any mine detector will not catch them. Absolutely not clearly, and it should not be clear: for Kronenberga ideal spectator reaction - confusion when the film begins and when the computer game invented by certain Allegroj Geller (in this role - the American actress Jennifer Jayson Li (Jennifer Jason Leigh comes to an end)) where the body comes to an end and electronic lotions, as always at Kronenberga, reminding genitals and becoming more active by means of masturbation begin. Kronenberg, without abusing special effects, nevertheless the most harmless things (for example, Allegru inclined over a table in the first shots) is able to remove so that the shiver scolds spectators to bones and does not release already till the end of this kiberpankovskoj hallucination. One more masterpiece of cult cinema 1990 - h - Mad dogs (Reservoir Dogs, 1992), Quentin Tarantino`s debut (Quentin Tarantino), purely man`s tragedy limited according to a classical aesthetics to unity of time and a place, occasionally broken unintelligible fleshbekami (on August, 9th, RTR, 23. 40, *****). Such dramaturgic archaism is justified: Tarantino has shot not a thriller, and tragedy of feeling and a debt, belief and treachery. In the thrown hangar gangsters gather survived after the bloody and doomed touch. With them - the policeman - the hostage. They know each other not on names, but only on colour to pseudonyms. And ingeniously played Harvi Kejtel (Harvey Keitel), Tim of Companies (Tim Roth), Steve Bushemi (Steve Buscemi) for cinema-goers for ever remain since then Mr. Orange, Mr. Blue, Mr. Brown. One of them - the sadist - the psychopath. One - the spoilt sonny. One seriously injured. One - the gangster with old concepts. And one of them - the traitor, police podsadka. But the antique horror incorporates in Dogs with unique fate - n - rollnym a drive. Anthologies of world cinema included a prologue: madly ridiculous, madly obscene and madly balmy talk of gangsters about a song of the Madonna Like a Virgin and pass to slow motion of the gangsters who are putting on identical black glasses under ominously - the tender offscreen voice promising to us the present music 1970 - h, music Reservoir Dogs . By the way, to translate the name anybody so intelligibly has not managed. There were variants Dogs locked up Dogs in a sediment bowl and even Pomoechnye dogs . Culture in the meantime reminds of a golden time of Hollywood, showing not so glorified, but worthy westerns with excellent actors in leading roles. On August, 7th (8. 40, ***) the greatest film cowboy John Wayne (John Wayne) in Angela and the villain (Angel and the Bad Man, 1947) James Edward Granta (James Edward Grant) will play the wounded man who pursued by the armed gang and has found a refuge at the Quaker. And on August, 9th (8. 40, ***) the lonely immigrant the Pick of Douglas (Kirk Douglas) will face animosities of the predecessors well knowing that the Bolivar will not take out a two in Felix E.Fejsta`s film (Felix E. Feist) the big trees (The Big Trees, 1952). Though by the Soviet tradition our television prefers the French commercial cinema. Alain Delon`s rebellious policeman (Alain Delon) will rush on traces of murderers of the daughter in the Word of the policeman (Parole de flic, 1985) Jose Pinejro (Jose Pinheiro) (on August, 3rd, ORT, 0. 00, **). Lui de Fjunes (Louis de Funes) will play the extravagant culinary specialist afflicted with leaving of the son in small circus, in the Wing or a leg (L ` Aile ou la cuisse, 1976) Claude Zidi (Claude Zidi) (on August, 7th, ORT, 21. 40, **). And Jean Mare (Jean Marais) in to the Iron mask (Le Masque de fer, 1962) Anri Dekuena (Henri Decoin) will force to freeze one sight absolutely indifferent to it of women (on August, 6th, TVTS, 20. 50, **).