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In Chile have seen 908 victims of Pinocheta
In capital Chile Santjago the exhibition of photos of victims of a dictatorial mode of Augusto Pinocheta, correcting the country with 1973 for 1989 has opened. The exposition collected within two years by the Chilean photographers by Klaudio Peres (Claudio Perez) and Rodrigo Gomesom (Rodrigo Gomez), has taken place lengthways is red - a brick Wall of memory in the centre of Santiago, before which in September, 1973 the Spanish priest Juan Alsina has been shot (Joan Alsina), the river Mapocho where dumped troupes of dissidents nearby proceeds. For many years disappearance and destruction of people were denied by a military mode, relatives of victims pinned their photos to clothes during demonstrations and manifestations of protest. Now these photos have appeared on a memory Wall. These are usual photos from family albums: people go for a drive on bicycles, have breakfast, walk. Each of 908 photographs is placed in a rectangular ceramic framework, 284 frameworks are empty: It was possible to find for images of not all victims and missing persons. This project which has been carried out with support of Fund of development of art and culture (Fondart), is the first similar experience in Chile.
Liberation, Feodor Kotrelev

Abanamat on to Street of Island I
In the Moscow gallery Street of Island I located over the restaurant with the same name on Petrovka, the exhibition under palindromicheskim (with equal success read from left to right and from right to left) the name " has opened; Ablanatanalba obtained, it agree a press - to release, from Greek - the Egyptian magic of gnostics. The exhibition is strange not less, than its name. In - the first, it is colour photos of different authors (George Petrov, Allan Rannu (on a photo) and Pavel Boeva), made at various times and in the different places, however shown together as a uniform product of one art group. In - the second, all three members of this neogenic group without the name, exposing the photos, professional photographers are not. In - the third, pictures with kinds peschano - kamenisto - shelly terrestrial surfaces though are beautiful, but are senseless and stereotyped. Something similar became for a long time a prerogative estetskih wall calendars and posters for registration of offices. However, the exhibition is justified by time and a place. street of Island I practises dinners a la carte in traditions of various kitchens of the world. We will consider that Ablanatanalba is such Greek - the Egyptian snack. On the basic dish it does not pull.