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How many pay for a name

Company Interbrand has presented the updated rating of cost of leading world brands. The rating is made since 1999 and published in such editions, as Financial Times and Business Week. Within the limits of last research 100 most expensive brands in cost more than $1 billion Trade marks have been allocated were selected by two criteria: in - the first, brands should have the world value and bring in the essential income in the main world markets, in - the second, the sufficient marketing and financial data should be accessible to researchers. From - for discrepancies to the second criterion it was not possible to spend an estimation and to include in the table such trade marks, as Visa, BBC, Mars, CNN and some other.
cost of brands was estimated on the model developed most Interbrand. By this technique cost of trade marks pays off as pure current cost of profits which the brand, predictably, will bring in the future. The model includes four basic elements: the financial forecast, a branding role, force of a brand, calculation of cost of a brand. Cost of brands pays off as pure current cost of planned net profit from a trade mark. Brand cost according to technique Interbrand depends both on good financial indicators, and from a strong position in the market. However, the changes happening in the market, not always find direct reflexion in ratings Interbrand. Otherwise it is difficult to explain, for example, that fact that the brand incurring losses Ericsson costs $7 mlrd (36 - e a place in a rating), and concern Siemens trade mark, whose mobile phones are on sale now in considerable quantities and whose financial condition is stabler, is estimated all in $1 billion