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Direct speech

Yesterday Gosstandart of Russia named winners of annual competition the Best goods of Russia - 2001 (p. 5) see.
you trust names?

Arcady Volsky, president RSPP:
- Most of all I trust in the name the Russian Federation . Last years this brand for me influences most positively. And still - in ZIL. I ottrubil there 15 years, and these letters for me became magic. By the way, the refrigerator ZIL works for me already more than 20 years. In general, I trust old names and I consider that manufacturers should not change them to please to a fashion. Well what for to rename cities, streets, firms?

Cyril Ljats, the councillor of directors of holding Incorporated machine-building factories :
- I trust the Swedish names of Volvo and Ericsson, and the wife, for example, on kitchen trusts Bosch. And in general, I completely trust the western manufacturers of home appliances, especially if I buy it not in the market, and in decent shop. Once I have bought in casual shop clothes of firm Lacosta and Elle. In two days seams on trousers have crept away. But after all firms in it are not guilty, the shop is guilty.

Victor Denikin, the assistant to the plenipotentiary of the president of Russia in the Central federal district:
- I Try to trust. For example, at me state mobile phone Siemens. I am happy with it and I hope that it firm. And in our country how to wait for occurrence of the present firm things of own manufacture, if at all of us Chinese? There are no normal manufacturers, and there are only the Polish, Turkish and Chinese goods which have been let out under known brands.

Igor Pisarsky, the general director of the company the River And. M :
- to names I do not trust. After all the problem of any name - to draw attention. And the brand unlike the name is a myth which leads the life. The brand problem - to generate this myth that then round it to create a circle of the people supporting it. For example, if I have chosen to myself BMW car I will want to have the same hours and a jacket - and it is unimportant that they in the nature do not exist. I want them! Here I trust such brands.

Irina Otieva, the deserved actress of Russia, the composer:
- My experience shows that the name yet a guarantee from fakes. Not so long ago I have bought a heater of any known firm in shop. It not only badly heated, but still published strange sounds. It has appeared, assemblage nonnative. Now I choose not only under the firm name, but also on, where also by whom the goods are made. And the Russian brands are products: black and red caviar, fish, mushrooms, vegetables and fruit.

Andrey Zhitinkin, the main director of Theatre on Small Bronnoj:
- I trust in the name by definition. Also I aspire to that others trusted. The theatrical spectator always is guided by the name of theatre, performance, addressed to the actor, the director. In a theatre world Zaharov, Viktyuk, Ljubimov, Zhitinkin is already a brand.

Evgenie Bernshtam, the first vice-president of board of Alpha bank:
- I am guided by popularity of firm. Because both firm, and its official dealer bear the big responsibility for quality. And neprintsipialno where the goods are collected. For example, calculators Citizen collected in Malaysia, a little than differ from native, as well as BMWs collected in Kaliningrad, from the German. Production of known firm has more than chances to be qualitative. Therefore all the same, in what country to buy the goods. A Swiss watch and in Russia remains Swiss.

Igor Jurgens, the president of the All-Russia union of insurers:
is only istmatu and diamatu it was necessary to trust recklessly, and today it is impossible to trust and to the eyes. For example, in Nizhnevartovsk I had control over the product made there from Christian Dior. It is outwardly similar, but quality repugnant. I trust only to those things which I can understand and in which I the expert. It was easier - that has written " earlier; Truth was truth, and now? We have lost for a long time this brand.

Gennady Khodyrev, the governor of the Nizhniy Novgorod region:
- I trust the name the Sou . Not so long ago with the Hero of Russia Anatoly Kvochurom I flew away on the Sou - 27 second pilot the full indicative program of group of fighting pilots Heroes . We did a corkscrew, kolokoly and loops. And at height of 11 thousand metres it even has given to me porulit. Here it is the car!

Sergey Zverev, the absolute champion of Europe, the world champion on hairdresser`s art:
- And how not to trust? To the simple buyer not to distinguish - grey or white assemblage at technics. Therefore if I want quality I go to expensive shop, and avaricious pays twice.

Alexey Podberezkin, the leader of movement the Spiritual heritage :
- I Trust, of course, but every year ever less. Here recently in shop on Pushkin I have bought last version Windows - 2000. All papers on the goods were present. And when houses I have tried to start it, it has refused flatly to work. It was necessary to change. Here to you and firm!

Oleg Shahov, the vice-president of the company the Stojlensky field :
- Force of a name is boundless. Americans on an old age of years can not learn relatives, but learn to bank Coca - Cola. And I trust also to hours of Swiss firm Patek Philippe.