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The thieves` law

the Moscow City Council has passed in the second reading the law on liability of infringement of silence at night. Magazine the Autopilot asserts that if the bill is definitively approved without changes, deputies will actually untie hands to automobile thieves: alarm systems in Moscow will outlaw.

if the law will accept, and all to it and goes, for militia will enough secure with indications of neighbours that the alarm system by your car prevents to sleep it that you on the first time have fined for the sum from one to five minimum wage rates (100 - 500 rbl.) And on the second - for the sum twice big. Moreover, is planned to forbid in general use at night alarm systems on the territories protected from noise including on parkings near to apartment houses. Actually it means that use of sound alarm systems will be put out of the law that will essentially facilitate a problem and to car thieves, and to fans to rummage around salons of another`s cars.
now the question with alarm systems in general is not regulated in any way. For other kinds of noise at night (music, shouts) the militia can involve under article 158 of KoAP ( small hooliganism ) Which provides the penalty from 10 to 50 rbl. or two-month corrective works. However concerning owners of alarm systems this article cannot be applied, as she assumes presence of direct intention in actions of the infringer: and to prove that the owner of the car has deliberately made so that the siren shouted all night long, difficultly.
this fact has personally touched the developer of the project of the new law of deputy Oleg Bocharova - in conversation with the correspondent the Autopilot he has told that on lawmaking its feat the interrupted sleep of its juvenile daughter.
however in spite of the fact that the project seems strict, in it there is a weight of openings which will allow to remain unpunished even to those hypothetical villains who specially include at the nights the alarm system...
about how the Moscow deputies see law realisation in life, read in new release of magazine the Autopilot .
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