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Englishmen have bought the judges

Federation of football of England first-ever has made the decision, according to which with with
  Englishmen have bought the judges
the Federation of football of England first-ever has made the decision according to which since a following season matches of the national championship will be served by professional arbitrators, instead of fans as it is accepted now everywhere. Now English judges will have a salary, bonus, and besides, they should train constantly.

Till today professional arbitrators in the world are not present, at least officially. In practice, of course, service of football matches quite often is the basic source of the income for judges - so affairs, for example, in Russia (from this season the fee of the Russian football arbitrators for service of one match has increased three times and has reached 12 thousand rbl.) are. But in Europe even the most venerable arbitrators in most cases work as teachers, bookkeepers and etc. Now Englishmen have decided to translate refereeing on a professional basis, fairly having judged that the more to the person pay for work, the better it does it.
as the Federation of football of England declared, to the beginning of a following championship of premieres - leagues the group of 24 best arbitrators to which contracts with the guaranteed annual salary in 33 thousand pounds ($57 thousand) will be offered will be generated That is about 900 pounds for a match. Thus, truth, from them dismissal from a former place of work will not demand. But will combine refereeing with other professional work difficultly as now judges will be occupied not only in days of carrying out of matches (in England it, as a rule, days off), but also every Thursday before games. On Thursdays arbitrators will gather and conduct lessons on improvement of professional skill.
Vysheoznachennoj to elite, besides matches of the higher battalion, is supposed to charge and service of other important matches, whether it be the Cup of England or the Cup of English league. Besides, arbitrators will receive surcharge in the form of bonuses for qualitative execution of the work and for work on significant games. For example, the cup-final or a championship decisive match can be estimated more than in 900 pounds. Thus, the maximum revenue of the arbitrator can exceed twice practically the sum specified in the contract and to reach 75 thousand pounds. Very quite good salary.
as to lajnsmenov to translate them in professionals do not gather yet. In total 48 judges will be involved in service of matches of premieres - leagues on line which on - former will receive money for each match, but also, it will pay monetary indemnification for time spent for theoretical employment.