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Latvians of a sting do not forgive

the Dog bojtsovyh breeds are outlawed in Latvia. Pit bull terriers, tosa - inu, Brazilian fila, American staffordshirskie terriers, the Argentina mastiffs and hybrids of pit bull terriers - now it is forbidden to hold, plant all of them, and also to import into the country.

persecutions on dogs of aggressive breeds have begun in Latvia more than month back. Has provoked their case with an attack staffordshirskogo a terrier to the nine-year boy. Going to the lift of one of the Riga many-storeyed houses the schoolboy has been strongly bitten by a dog. On his face it was necessary to impose more than 30 seams. Negative attitude in a society to bojtsovym to dogs was strengthened by the information that daily ten persons suffer from their stings in the country on the average, from them at least two - children.
till now it was impossible to contain in Latvia only the dogs not imparted from furiousness. New rules of the maintenance of dogs and cats are developed according to experience of the countries of the European Union, in which majority also restrictions on the maintenance, trade and reproduction of aggressive breeds of dog are established. Therefore in Latvia have decided not to be limited only to an interdiction for import of four-footed aggressors. Owners of dogs of the forbidden breeds already imported into Latvia have obliged within a calendar year to subject to castration or sterilisation of the pupils. Besides, till the end of the year the ministry of agriculture of Latvia should develop the norms providing administrative and criminal punishment for infringers of rules of the maintenance of dogs and cats. The point on obligatory check of the dogs forbidden to reproduction will be included in new rules on aggression in relation to people.