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Investors have not waited the share of aircraft factory

Yesterday holding “ New commonwealth “ declared stay of investments into Joint-Stock Company “ Aviastar - Plane manufacture “ (“ Aviastar - the joint venture “) . Actual default of the contract on purchase by holding of 26 % of actions of the enterprise became the reason. And the stop of one of the largest aircraft factories of Russia can be result, making planes They be 204 and An - 124 - 100 “ Ruslan “.

On spent yesterday together with representatives of Joint-Stock Company “ Aviastar - CĪ “ a press - conferences the vice-president “ New commonwealth “ Konstantin Babkin has depicted a current situation. According to the investment agreement concluded in April of this year between “ New commonwealth “ and a former management “ Aviastar - the joint venture “ (it was replaced in June of this year), the holding gets 26 % of actions of the enterprise at Joint-Stock Company “ Aviastar “. Besides, “ New commonwealth “ was obliged to enclose in factory 2 mlrd rbl. equal shares within two years then with the help dopemissii its share holding should grow to 48 %. The second co-owner of factory from 52 % of actions remains to Open Society “ Tupolev “. By the way, in a press - service “ Tupolev “ where has addressed with a question, whether this structure agrees reduction of the share of actions (now it makes 73,6 %), official comments have refused.
“ new commonwealth “ for two months invested in “ Aviastar - the joint venture “ 236 million rbl. But renewal of the property rights on 26 - a percentage share holding which should occur on April, 27th, has not taken place. As mister Babkin, for this reason has underlined a management “ New commonwealth “ has suspended investments into Joint-Stock Company “ Aviastar - the joint venture “.
the Chief executive of Joint-Stock Company “ Aviastar - the joint venture “ Valery Maltsev has declared that investment stay threatens with a full stop of the enterprise and social explosion.
Mister Babkin has declared that the holding (which, by the way, did not employ the professional adviser for the transaction, and conducted it independently) plans to carry on negotiations with a former management “ Aviastar - the joint venture “ and also with Rosaviakosmosom and the administration of the Ulyanovsk region which has supported the investment agreement, “ for finding-out of their positions “. “ In court it would not be desirable to address. Procedure of alienation of actions very long, but if negotiations in what will not result we will make it “ - mister Babkin has added.
has found out, why actions have not got to their buyer. In the Samara branch of Federal Commission on Securities serving Volga region region, have informed that renewal of actions “ Aviastar - the joint venture “ on the new owner it has been detained in connection with a number of the points at issue, actions concerning movement at joint-stock company creation “ Tupolev “. We will explain that Joint-Stock Company “ Aviastar - the joint venture “ it has been created on the basis of joint-stock company “ Aviastar “. And in the middle of 1999 on the basis of joint-stock company “ Aviastar “ and ANTK Tupolev`s name Open Society " has been formed; Tupolev “ 51 which % of actions the state (ANTK and joint-stock company " owns; Aviastar “ 5,4 % and 43,6 % of actions) belong accordingly. And procedure of registration of actions of Joint-Stock Company “ Aviastar - the joint venture “ in the company “ Tupolev “ has not been finished.
the director of the centre for public relations “ New commonwealth “ and Joint-Stock Company “ Aviastar - the joint venture “ Alexander Savostyanov has informed that it knows about “ the Federal Commission on Securities veto on renewal of actions, but is a problem of the seller, instead of the buyer “. As he said, from outside “ Aviastar - CĪ “ as the guarantor of the transaction the first vice-president and the vice-president of board of directors of Open Society " acted; Tupolev “ Alexander Poljakov, therefore “ ourselves have to it questions “.
the Position of mister Poljakova has appeared strange. Yesterday at a meeting with labour collective “ Aviastar - the joint venture “ he has declared that approves everything that does “ New commonwealth “ because the holding has brought money on the enterprise. The transaction the joint-stock company " ostensibly brakes; Aviastar “ because does not want to give the action “ Aviastar - the joint venture “. On a question on the concrete originator mister Poljakov has declared: “ I because was the guarantor of the transaction " Am guilty;.