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In the World championship we will have a zero of gold medals

In the World championship on the track and field athletics, beginning today in the Canadian city of Edmonton, the double Olympic champion - 96, the champion and the world record-holder in run on average distances Svetlana Masterkova will be the guest of honour. However nonparticipation in competitions of this season from - for consequences of a trauma of a foot, according to the sportswoman, does not mean that its sports career is finished. On the eve of the departure to Canada SVETLANA MASTERKOVA has visited edition the Businessman where in conversation with correspondent VALERIEJ - MIRONOVOJ has given the forecast of an outcome of the World championship - 2001. In its opinion, Russian national team really applies there a maximum for one gold .

- Head coach Valery Kulichenko is adjusted obviously more optimistically, having promised four gold medals.
- if it is absolutely fair, I think that in Edmonton we will have a zero of gold medals. However, it is unique, on whom it is possible to count indeed, so it on tolkatelnitsu kernels Larissa Peleshenko. Only on its performance I will come with the camera. On - to mine, confidently it is possible to put only on those who has already proved the stability. And the forecast of Kulichenko - no more than adventure. Here if to Edmonton have gone nowadays injured, but the checked up fighters Irina Privalova and Maxim Tarasov, I would assert that gold in run on 400 metres with barriers and in pole vaults to us are provided.
- you have forgotten about Svetlana Masterkovu. After all when you on the eve of running planned to run it with a world record, people specially came on stadium and were not disappointed.
- here I also speak about it. Now in our track and field athletics such is not present. The Russian fans do not know what to look now where it to go and on. Unless at random: and suddenly someone will show something extraordinary? It is not necessary and be guided by the gold medals won by Russians in the winter World championship in Portugal. After all there, unlike our only thing on all cases of structure of a national team, the second and third commands of other countries acted. Also it was visible, as in these national teams stars which with success will replace nowadays leading sportsmen already were born. Our beginners, alas, meanwhile have not shown themselves. Moreover, many athletes have not managed to execute in the championship of Russia in Tula specifications of the International federation of track and field athletics, therefore our command has gone to Edmonton cut down. Besides between performances in the winter and there is a huge difference in the summer. Weather and a wind in the summer put in wrestling. How these factors will work? It is not known. However I guarantee that much we will appear in Edmonton nevertheless in prizes.
- the Russian track and field athletics is on the threshold of crisis?
- At us the generation of the formed, clever sportsmen which, perfectly understanding the neperspektivnost has grown, in time leave sports. And earlier sat to the last. Them fed, gave the blessings, and they put life on sports. Now it is necessary to have time to go on commerce that then to buy vitamins, clothes, the form, to provide to itself gathering abroad. We obviously give preference to commercial starts. And only units are able to combine commerce with victories in the World championships and the Olympic games. And in a national team as soon as you have stumbled, from you remove all privileges and you as if you disappear from life until again you will not rise. Foresight in actions of our management is not present. And to be scattered by champions it is impossible.
- Yury Borzakovsky has not gone to Edmonton from - what has spent forces just on commercial starts?
- Yury now reproach that fed him, gave to drink, and it will not act in the World championship. But after all it will stumble - and it will forget there and then. And he with the wife lives in a hostel. And to it in eighteen to feel the muzhik, it is necessary to rise in the financial plan. For it it is important after a victory in the winter World championship on a distance of 800 metres to calm down and prepare for the Olympic games. Time at it has enough, health - fie - fie - too. It is not necessary to smother now him the World championships. Time such talent has appeared, it is necessary to think of this person globally, instead of is mercantile and small. And what if Borzakovsky in Canada would lose? Having received moral blow, he from it long then has not recovered.
- and specifications of the international federation in the championships of Russia are not carried out from - what athletes basically are not capable to execute them?
- unfortunately, in Russia the school as a whole breaks up. Trainers, especially man`s, leave Russia packs. Except the average distances, all other man`s running kinds as though in itself at us die out from - for full of the neperspektivnosti. Our men are not capable to run at level of the American sprinters. Here it is not enough one character. Conditions should be especial: the gyms, special equipment. Sredneviki and stayers can run in the open air and be content with it. And everyone can come, look at me at stadium and catch any subtleties in the technician.
- in sprint such it is impossible basically?
- therefore at us very few people grows into these kinds a head. Men of years 24 - 25 understand, it is impossible what to struggle, and leave in normal life. If women - srednevichki can run till 40 years and provide themselves with the achievements in sprint and in broad jumps at us it will not turn out. It is not enough literature, it is not enough videorecordings. The western sportsmen so have trained on an example of ours shestovikov that now in us just right at them to study. And that not still our trainers have moved on earnings in the undeveloped countries where them invited nearly in a crowd right after the Sydney Olympic Games, speaks only their conscientiousness.
- that you mean?
- simply they could not leave the pupils to the mercy of fate. Here and in throwings - tolkanijah at us remains only two - three trainers of high level, and this school will collapse with leaving from sports of athletes of last wave. Never I will forget, as on competitions to Moscow have arrived from Paris our legendary the thrower of a hammer Yury Sedyh and tolkatelnitsa kernels Natalia Lisovsky on the solemn seeing-off. And to spend them... Have forgotten. Unless with such insult in a shower they begin to help to train our command? Never! I have a presentiment of crash. At the best it is fast in sew to track and field athletics matriarchy will come and women will act for Russia only. Already now in any kind there is the potential star, capable to occupy prize-winning places. And men still had unless vysotnik Sergey Kljugin. Make something, native! And suddenly the rain will go? After all Sergey has explained the success in Sydney to that during solving attempt the rain which to it owing to its specific features has appeared on a hand has gone. High jumps are a technical kind. Here all depends on confluence of many circumstances.
- behind all your reasonings the personal insult is covered...
- I do not try to hide it. To me unambiguously let know that my Olympic chetyrehletie has passed. And the former blessings, as that: the personal masseur, gathering abroad, decent numbers in hotels - extend already on other potential Olympic champions. In Russia to the sportsman tell good words only when he wins. But I want to give due Kulichenko. He always struggles for our results and spends huge psychological work with sportsmen that they understood when it is necessary for them to type peak of the form and To shoot and when, on the contrary, to be careful of loadings. well take, - it convinces. - you the obvious applicant for prize-winning places. Suffer, earn a name, and then in commerce you will earn much more . It beats out money, tries, that children well ate, well lived, were well massed. Also explains that the manager who takes away children on commerce, on it earns money, doing nothing. Certainly, Kulichenko is insulting that after commercial starts people come on the championships the emasculated.
- whether truth, what external circumstances push out you from system which you yet have not decided to leave definitively?
- on an example of colleagues I prepared that once it happens and with me. But subconsciously waited for other. After all on mine to the account two gold Olympic medals, one from the World championship, world records... When declared a year break in performances, thought that me will concern more softly. That it is good to run, I should agree on the sixth operation on a foot on which the muscle exfoliates from a bone. But I have refused, hoping for therapeutic and long treatment. I could run with a trauma, but dare to do it not on a maximum of the possibilities, it is a shame to me.
- Means, you cannot extract gold for the country, but want to receive former attention and care?
- and the country, God to it the judge, is already anxious at this time by other stars. And still I eat good energy from people who have not thrown me. In the financial and moral plan I now very much am am supported by native track-and-field team KSK the Beam which sponsor the honourable president vitse - mayor Valery Shantsev and the prefect of East district Boris Ulyanov. The head coach of a command Natalia Ivanov also does not dismiss me, giving possibility to train during any time convenient for me.
- you sincerely want to return to big-time sports?
- it is sincere. But any more I do not want to live in frameworks in which on me in advance hung up medals, and to report in that as as I will do. Eventually, all track and field athletics titles are already won by me and it is possible to understand, support and not to extend me from me pincers a recognition: Well tell to us that you have supposedly finished, and release a place . To tell it I is not ready, but check up people in this situation I can. Now with me there were only those who does not wait for an empty seat, and believes that I it again to a loan. To me the director of the Moscow School of the higher sports skill Boris Lazarev arranges sports gathering. And the director of hotel of sport base in Podolsk Galina Manzhulina has moved me recently nearly to tears because held for me number of the whole two weeks and anybody there has not started up.
- but you reflect on the poslesportivnom the future?
- I say in two languages, English and Spanish, therefore it is no wonder that I study on the fifth year of Open Moscow linguistic university of a name of Sholokhov.