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Presidents have praised themselves and each other

that there was no war

Yesterday in Dagomys the informal meeting of leaders of the CIS has continued the work. Ten presidents have told about Commonwealth more than flatter words, than for all ten years of its existence, as their these words to what did not oblige.

a meeting without ties all ten presidents (Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kirghizia, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Ukraine) passed in the morning in those tea small houses, where in May of last year Vladimir Putin on the eve of inauguration of saws the most northern in the world the Krasnodar tea. Instead of the planned hour the meeting in tea small houses under chestnut honey and inzhirovoe jam has lasted yesterday whole three.
Vladimir Putin dressed in mustard colours a T-shirt both light trousers and resembling the ordinary Dagomys health-resort visitor, has expressed opinion that the present summit is good, as allows presidents to say about everything that them excites, without thinking of necessity to perfect the formulation. The Russian president considers a meeting in Dagomys as dress rehearsal before the Moscow summit which will sum up decade of the CIS in December of this year.
when presidents have appeared before the press against the Museum of Russian tea (100 years ago the tea-plant was planted for the first time in vicinities of Sochi by tea grower Koshman) and began to improvise concerning preliminary results of an informal meeting, they stayed in cheerful mood. Joked, for example, much concerning revival of the former USSR - but only joked: in the general opinion, during the existence of the CIS has proved to be the unique replacement to the Union. All ten leaders do not object to that, despite a considerable quantity of the problems inherited from the USSR, Commonwealth remains the unique effective tool of their discussion and the decision. And how many abuse the CIS for low efficiency and shortage of concrete results, the alternative to it is not present.
As has noted the Kazakh president Noursultan Nazarbayev (Nursultan Nazarbayev), after disorder of the USSR to the CIS has allowed the former republics not to run up absolutely . The president of Kazakhstan sees the Commonwealth merit also that it has helped the countries of the former USSR to rise from knees and to start to develop normally . And at last, the CIS has played an important role that conflicts in territory of the former USSR have not received such scales, as in Yugoslavia. Other leaders have unanimously supported president Nazarbayev.
besides multilateral tea drinking with honey and jam participants of the summit have spent a number of meetings confidentially. At Vladimir Putin conversation with the president of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma (Leonid Kuchma) has taken place. By the way, the people accepting on Wednesday of delegation at the airport, asserted that the Ukrainian president has arrived together with the ambassador of Russia in Kiev Victor Tchernomyrdin. it, - spoke in a lobby, - a good sign as they have found common language .
Then Vladimir Putin has held meetings with presidents of Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan (the material see p. 2). Vladimir Putin`s conversation with the president of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko is transferred for today.
late at night visitors have gathered during an invited supper in a hotel complex of Dagomys. The bouquet of white roses has been handed over Lyudmila Putinoj. Besides the first lady of Russia for a supper there has arrived the first lady of Uzbekistan Tatyana Karimova. Causing nostalgic memoirs, for ten presidents Alla Pugacheva, Phillip Kirkorov, ensemble " sang; Pesnjary .
Already after a supper bathing in Black sea presidents of Armenia, Belarus and Moldova - Robert Kocharyan (Robert Kocharyan), Alexander Lukashenko and Vladimir Voronin (Vladimir Voronin) have been noticed. Said that Vladimir Putin too has bathed after hot day. But witnesses was not.