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The prime minister suffered also to us ordered

the Government has summed up half-year

the Government at the yesterday`s session has brought socially - economic results of work in the first half of the year. Results are spoilt only by a plan overfulfillment on inflation. The same who does not consider what to live became better and more cheerful, the government has suggested to suffer and has confirmed the program of formation of installations of tolerant consciousness.

Michael Kasyanov yesterday at once has set victorious tone of discussion socially - economic results, having declared: Tendencies which conducted to stagnation, are overcome . It was there and then supported by the main lecturer - the minister ekonomrazvitija Herman Gref, having told that this half-year steady growth of economy is fixed: gross national product has grown on 5,4 %, industrial output volume - on 5,5 %, gold and exchange currency reserves - on $7 mlrd, and taxes half a year 2000 has been collected on 32 % more than for the first. The structure of investments (to invest steels more on 4,2 % in comparison with the first half of the year 2000) has to the best changed also; except toplivno - a power complex, the investment began to receive and other branches: the food, easy, chemical, medical industry and mechanical engineering.
by estimates of Herman Gref, the mechanical engineering and the food-processing industry have appeared leaders of growth: their share in the general indicator of growth of manufacture has made 36 and 30 %. Has not carried ferrous metallurgy; it has grown up only on 0,6 %, truth, for the objective reasons: the world price for these goods has decreased.
most of all in the first half of the year Russia exported, as before, oil and gas (58,4 % in the general structure of export) and as the world prices for oil remained high, the budget has been executed with primary proficiency in 263 mlrd rbl. in general, to Herman Gref were from what to exult. But he reported yesterday without due delight. Him grieved that on inflation in 12 - 14 % it was not possible to execute the plan. By its calculations, inflation in the first half of the year has made almost 13 % and in the end of the year will be 16 - 18 %. It means that under the threat it has appeared - to provide performance of the main requirement of Vladimir Putin growth of incomes of the population. While it is possible. For half a year the real salary has grown on 18 %, and population incomes have exceeded inflation on 4,4 %. However, if the forecast of Goskomstat and inflation justifies will make 20 %, growth of real incomes will stop. Yesterday Herman Gref has counted up that in inflation growth the monetary policy of the Central Bank and growth of tariffs of natural monopolies, and also citizens, at which too high inflationary expectations are guilty.
however absolutely to refuse increase of tariffs for services of natural monopolists Herman Gref yesterday has refused, having declared that decisions on increase of tariffs can be accepted in exceptional cases if the monopolist can prove it .
And that the population has learnt to overcome difficulties including inflationary, at yesterday`s session of the government Minister of Education Vladimir Filippov has offered the services. Together with Ministry of economic development and trade he has developed the federal target program till 2005 Formation of installations of tolerant consciousness and extremism preventive maintenance in the Russian society . Under this program Phillip`s mister gathers to introduce in social practice of norm of tolerance . On it, truth, it is necessary to spend 397,6 million rbl., including from the federal budget of 138,9 million rbl. for working out of methodical materials in which to the population it will be explained, it is necessary what to behave tolerantly and peacefully whatever occurred. Members of the cabinet have approved the program of mister Filippova.
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