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The government sells the property packages

Yesterday the government has approved the privatisation program for 2002. It will be sold more than 300 enterprises on 18 mlrd rbl. by the largest sales there are 19,68 % of actions Slavneft and 17 % of actions of Magnitogorsk metallurgical industrial complex (MMK). If in the autumn the State Duma approves this bill of privatisation in 2002 it will be possible to sell state property together with the earth and intellectual property which will be estimated in addition.

next year the government again stakes on enterprises TeKa which make more than 40 % of all privatised objects. Probably, 19,68 % " become the largest sale; Slavneft for which as the first deputy minister of property relations Alexander Braverman hopes, there will be a big competition. there there was a favourable structure of shareholders, - explains the deputy minister. - 12,5 % ` to Slavneft ` belong to one large industrially - financial group (the multinational corporation.-) and if to sell 19,68 % it is natural, it will want to take these shares, to receive blocking package. On the other hand, there is other financial group (here, probably, mister Braverman meant the structures close to the present president ` to Slavneft ` to Michael Gutseriev.-), which also is interested in purchase to provide to itself good places in board of directors. Thus, we can aggravate a competition .
In the government until recently denying all hearings about possible sale in nearest some years of the state actions any Slavneft cannot distinctly explain, what reasons have induced them to expose a state company on sale. But Alexander Braverman is assured that with the State Duma repeatedly accepting every possible decisions about an interdiction of privatisation Slavneft With the Belarus president this time problems will not be. Opinions in the White house were divided: one assume that Michael Gutseriev having good communications in the State Duma and in the governmental circles of Belarus, has simply ripened for privatisation of the company headed by it; others, on the contrary, consider that the president Slavneft it is not so capable to influence a situation and to block sale of actions of the company headed by it.
other large sale of next year, possibly, becomes 17 - a percentage state block of shares of Magnitogorsk metallurgical industrial complex. Same year the government intends to realise 85 % of actions of the oil company NORSI - Ojl . They will be broken into two packages (in 40 and 45 %) and exposed on two auctions. According to Alexander Bravermana, such way will allow to strengthen a competition at company privatisation as now besides the state shares of company two shareholders who posess accordingly 8 and 6 % from a company authorised capital stock own.
in the program of privatisation there are essentially new two moments: state property sale together with the earth, and also maintenance at privatisation of the enterprises of the right of the state on intellectual property maintenance . In other words, the government plans to increase authorised capital stocks of the privatised enterprises at the expense of intellectual property which will be estimated in addition by independent appraisers. Especially, consider in the Ministry of Property, it is favourable at privatisation of the military enterprises.
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