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Sergey Ivanov has found means

the Salary of military men Minister of Defence Sergey Ivanov will increase twice

Inspection of the Siberian military district has finished the five-day detour of east boundaries of Russia in which course he has visited Primorski Krai, Kamchatka, Khabarovsk and Chita. Before flying away from Chita to Moscow the minister has declared that remained is happy with how military men solve the problems put by the president.

after acquaintance to conditions in SibVo Sergey Ivanov has held meeting with command and military leaders of large connections of district. Then in a district staff rewarding of the caused a stir officers has taken place. The minister has ahead of schedule appropriated the next ranks, has handed over medals For military valour II degrees, komandirskie hours per a gold frame also has congratulated present with Day air - landing armies, having noticed that with professionals to it to compete difficultly (on the account of the minister only two parachute jumps).
After solemn ceremony mister Ivanov has spent a press - conference in which have taken part the commander of armies of SibVO the general - colonel Vladimir Boldyrev, the plenipotentiary of the president in the Siberian district Leonid Drachevsky and a member of a council of war of district, the head of administration of the Chita region Ravil Geniatullin.
Mister Ivanov has noticed that it is its second visit to Transbaikalia. It has carried out the first trip in the rank of the secretary of Security council then it questions of strengthening of defensibility of east boundaries of Russia interested. I understand, soldiers and officers of district that is why it is satisfied by the decision of the problems put by supreme commander in chief Vladimir Putin in connection with reforming of the Russian army " serve in what conditions; - the minister has praised military men. Sergey Ivanov has noticed that the main problems which district command faces, is first of all insufficient financing of combat training and military technology purchases. Nevertheless, as the Minister of Defence has noted, these problems dare, because to district the big help is rendered by plenipotentiary Drachevsky and governor Geniatullin. And this help is not regulated by any documents, and starts with understanding of necessity of care of own army .
the Minister of Defence has mentioned also problems of transfer liberated in connection with reduction of army of military camps and objects on balance of municipal unions. In this question the minister occupies a hard line: that is not necessary for army, local authorities should incur. The army should be engaged in the direct business - battle readiness increase.
mister Ivanov has dialectically answered a question on, whether can help SibVO to pay off the Ministry of Defence debts to the local enterprises and the organisations: these Debts old, and we will extinguish them necessarily. But only when means will be allocated with the state . Then has informed the subordinates two news - good and bad. At first the minister has told that the monetary contentment will be doubled by the military man at preservation of the majority of privileges but has there and then made a reservation that it is necessary to officers in 100 - percentage volume to pay taxes, to pay habitation, utilities, the electric power and communication: I consider that it perfectly. Regions in which many military men are deployed, from it only will win .