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“ Rise earlier and kill its the first “

Israel is protected without any pleasure

Yesterday the government of Israel justified for  destruction of the peace population at rocket attack on office “ Hamas “ on Tuesday. And Yasser Arafat tried to convince the Italian leaders and father John Pavel II to promote sending to the Near East the international observers. In the meantime simple Jews and Palestinians sorted out relations in the checked up way.

after rocket attack of the Israeli forces on a grouping staff “ Hamas “ in the city of Nablus (wrote about it yesterday) Israel did not abuse only the lazy. We will remind that on Tuesday as a result of this operation one of leaders " has been killed; Hamas “ on the West Bank of Jordan Dzhamal Mansur (Jamal Mansour), however thus were lost seven more person, two from which - children. Israel as could justified. According to the head of Israeli Joint Staff Shaulja Mofaza (Shaul Mofaz), operation would be cancelled, if military men knew that in dangerous affinity from a staff “ Hamas “ there are children. Meanwhile the adviser of the prime minister of Israel Raanan Gisin (Raanan Gissin) has accused of death of children of Palestinians. He has declared that “ Hamas “ uses children as a live board. The press - the secretary of Israeli army Ron Kitri (Ron Kitrey) has most frankly expressed. It has quoted the Holy Writ: “ If someone wants to kill you, rise earlier and kill its the first “.
the Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon (Ariel Sharon) after five-hour discussion of a current situation with ministers and advisers has made decision to continue tactics of carrying out of special actions against the Palestinian insurgents. In telephone conversation with US State Secretary Kolinom Powell (Colin Powell) which the day before has sharply condemned special action, the Israeli prime minister has declared that Israel has not less rights to protect, than America.
the Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat (Yasser Arafat) too in vain did not lose time. On Wednesday evening it has gone on the Apennines. Italy presiding now in G8, time and again unanimously with Vatican supported the rights of Palestinians. On Thursday Yasser Arafat has met the Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi (Silvio Berlusconi), and then has gone to Pope John Pavel II (John Paul II). During negotiations he has underlined that now, after the next bloodshed arranged with Israel, presence in the Near East the international observers becomes absolutely necessary. Palestinians consider sending of observers as the first step to introduction to the Near East of peacekeeping forces of the United Nations.
Yesterday Israel has rejected the offer of EU on sending in a zone of the conflict of the European observers. Earlier Israelis have already rejected the initiative of heads Ministry of Foreign Affairs G8 offering to Israel of the international observers. Unique whom Israelis agree to start up, are employees of CIA. About presence at region “ blue helmets “ Israel does not want and to hear.
while leaders of the conflicting parties have been occupied by support search on international scene, Israelis and Palestinians continued to sort out relations by means of force. During collisions on Wednesday and Thursday one Palestinian has been killed, five are wounded. One Israeli has suffered also. And on the West Bank of Jordan two Palestinians have been killed by the compatriots on suspicion in cooperation with Israel.