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We do not agree to recognise Wagner as the anti-semite

the Press - the secretary of opera festival in Bajrojte PETER EMMERIH (Peter Emmerich) has answered questions of the correspondent of JULIA - SHATTE.

- whether mister Wolfgang Wagner in resignation gathers?
- most likely, no. With mister Wagner the lifelong contract is concluded. Interviews with its possible successors are conducted for a long time, but for changes in a management there is no legal basis.
- whether really daughter of mister Wagner Eve Wagner - Paske has refused claims for a management of festival?
- she has refused on June, 15th. There were two candidates: the spouse of mister Wagner Gudrun Wagner and its grand daughter Nike Wagner. Last declared that will apply for this post not earlier than 2006.
- what features at present festival? Whether there are at organizers any plans and expectations?
- special expectations at organizers are every year. This year we celebrate two anniversaries. The first is 125 - letie festival. The second is 50 - letie festival revival. In 1951 it has taken place for the first time after the Second World War.
- whether there are this year new statements?
- is not present, the prime minister will not be this time. Last year director Jurgen Flimm has anew put the Ring of nibelungs . This statement has caused inconsistent reactions from spectators and the press, it named the Political ring . For last year we much over it worked, have changed scenery, suits. We wanted to show more precisely characters, to leave from a policy. After all in the Ring of the nibelung the same important role is played by human lines and values: treachery and a deceit, fidelity and love.
- next year you plan new statements?
- yes. We are obliged to plan for a long time forward to provide quality.
- As organizers of festival have reacted to scandal in Israel which was caused by execution of Wagner`s music by Daniel Barenbojmom?
- it is careful. We have many colleagues - musicians in Israel. They very much regret that there it is forbidden to execute Wagner`s music. But while the generation which has worried the Holocaust is live, it is necessary to reckon with these negative emotions. And they can arise and with music.
- the Israeli parliament even has demanded to establish the status persona non grata for mister Barenbojma.
- We consider that it is political problems of Israel. We cannot and we do not want to interfere with them.
is an event as - nibud has affected the organisation or the festival program?
- is not present. The problem of our festival - to show to public worthy statements.
- how much a theme Wagner and anti-Semitism now in general it is actual for the Bavarian opera festival?
- this theme is very actual. We do not agree to recognise Wagner as the anti-semite. Three years ago the first symposium " here has taken place; Wagner and Jews in which the European, American and Israeli scientists took part. This autumn in Israel will pass the second symposium on the same theme. She demands scientific, but the delicate approach.