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Banks were mobilised for custom charges

Customs money once again became the reason of bank war. There were on hand documents from which follows that the Alpha bank, the International industrial bank (MPB) and Promstrojbank (SPb) try to squeeze out company UCS and Rosbank from the project the Custom card . If they achieve it, the project which could provide to banks access to tens billions roubles of customs payments, will be closed.

founders of Open Company the Custom card have acted as Joint-Stock Company the Company of incorporated credit cards (UCS), Joint-Stock Company ABG Kard Teknolodzhi Joint-Stock Company NPP ` Ekomash Ink. ` Joint-Stock Company Ekspromservis Ink. and Joint-Stock Company ENTS Farma - Honey . the Custom card has incurred the organisation of customs payments by means of microprocessor cards. The company declared the beginning of work in the end of January, 2001. While three banks were connected to system - Rosbank, MDM - bank and Orgresbank only.

After the announcement of the work beginning the Custom card has not passed also month as the largest banks have gathered for discussion of the future of the company (wrote about it on February, 17th). And it is not surprising, after all, according to the general director the Custom card Andrey Barinov, by the most careful calculations on system will have from 5 to 10 % of all customs payments - ten billions roubles a year. Perhaps, for this reason then to banks to agree and it was not possible.
Already on March, 27th heads of three banks - Alpha bank, the International industrial bank and Promstrojbanka (SPb) - have sent the letter addressed to the head of the State Customs Committee Michael Vanin. Under data, the letter prepared Alpha bank and its office has left in the State Customs Committee. It was originally supposed that the letter will be signed by chairmen of boards of directors of these three banks of Lord Kogan, Friedman and Pugachev. However then, according to the source, have decided that in view of ambiguity of a question it will be better, if the letter will be signed not by shareholders, and managers (under the letter there are autographs of the president of Alpha bank Peter Aven, chairman of the board Promstrojbanka (SPb) Olga Kazansky and operating MPB Sergey Veremeenko). As have informed in one of the banks which have subscribed under the letter, it suggested to sign to four more banks: to Avtobank, Vneshtorgbanku, Gazprombank and the Savings Bank. But they have refused.
in the letter bankers write that creation the Custom card passed without informing of the public and banks and thereby has broken a principle of a fair competition . And authors of the letter ask to exclude from the project ekvajringovuju company UCS, affilirovannuju with Rosbank as it can receive more favourable conditions on service of participants of foreign trade activities . On April, 27th Michael Vanin has answered bankers that nobody interferes with them to participate in company work as it is open interbank system.
in the meantime the director of little-known firm Torahs - Strojinvest Yury Verzilin has written the letter to the deputy of State Duma Rifatu Shakirov. On strange coincidence of circumstances this letter repeated the letter of bankers the whole paragraphs. On April, 28th management on supervision of execution of the tax and customs legislation of the State Office of Public Prosecutor has begun check of deputy inquiry of Rifata Shakirov (the letter of mister Verzilina was applied on it), the director who have reacted to the reference Torahs - Strojinvest .
the Senior public prosecutor of this department, the senior adviser of justice Kasaev has directed the official answer to the deputy. In it it is said that the system ` the Custom card ` accelerates process of customs registration. Transfer of money resources in the budget is made within one bank day. Cases of delays of transfers it is not revealed . On June, 22nd the three-page inquiry in which all conclusions of mister Kasaeva it proved to be true and said that " has been prepared; in connection with the above-stated of the bases for acceptance of measures of public prosecutor`s reaction is not available .
This inquiry has laid down on a table of the first zamgenprokurora Yury Birjukova, but, obviously, and by it has not been signed. Instead on June, 28th the State Office of Public Prosecutor has taken out the protest #37/ 1 - 10 - 01 signed by Yury Birjukova. In it the basic claim to to the Custom card had not something in common with timeliness of transfer of means. According to Yury Birjukova, the credit organisations have not the right to list taxes and other payments through corresponding accounts of the third parties. That is a custom card cannot work because calculations are carried out through not bank credit organisation.
From - for it on July, 17th the State Customs Committee has dispatched on all customs teletajpogrammu #16931 which has suspended payment of custom charges by means of cards. Really this interdiction has existed less weeks: teletajpogrammoj the State Customs Committee has resolved another to the customs working with custom cards, to continue to accept payment with their help until further notice. Probably, from - that, according to Central Bank explanations from March, 14th, the procedure developed the Custom card on payment of customs payments, does not contradict the current legislation. And now the Moscow customs continues to accept payment of custom charges through custom cards.
nevertheless the State Customs Committee, by data, has suspended project development. Cards while will be served only in customs of the Moscow region where terminals on their reception are already established. Besides, employees of the State Customs Committee have made the decision that the moments not arranging the State Office of Public Prosecutor should be co-ordinated with Ministry of Justice. And these coordination while it is not known will end with what exactly.
In a press - services Mezhprombanka and Promstrojbanka situation comments have refused. The head a press - services of Alpha bank Andrey Nasonovsky has declared that besides that is stated in the letter, to it it nothing to add, especially having underlined that the main claim of bank to the project the Custom card - in an unequal competition.