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The best goods in Russia becomes less

In the near future officially recognised qualitative the Russian goods becomes less. Organizers of competition of consumer products 100 best goods of Russia have declared that will deprive of prize-winners of the right of lifelong use of a label 100 best goods of Russia . It can lower popularity of competition considerably.

competition 100 best goods of Russia and the label with the same name consider as the full successor of the quality symbol of the USSR. Gosstandart and the Academy of problems of quality founded by him spend him since 1998. In this time competition thanks to not strict rules of selection (in competition on the same level competed both sausage, and footwear, and diesel locomotives) and loyalty to small regional manufacturers (competition ignores known brands) has got great popularity among home producers of the second row. Interest to competition amplifies every year: In 2000 in it participated about 3000 names of production, and in it it is already received more than 4500 demands. It speaks not increase in number of home producers, is simple for the enterprises of local scale a victory in 100 best goods - unique possibility to become known in Moscow.
a label 100 best goods under the statement of organizers of competition, at times increased production sale on 15 - 20 %. It has led to that once won konkursanty pasted a label on all goods and did not remove a sign all next years. Therefore quantity the best Russian goods by today has passed for some hundreds.
now competition for certain will lose the most part of the admirers. According to the head of the program 100 best goods Vyacheslav Fedorova, control over winners will be toughened. In the autumn, after definition of the next hundred best, all previous winners will lose this title. And nominees of 2001 can use a label on the production no more than two years. Thus, 100 best goods of Russia have gone on the way more authoritative competitors - competitions National mark and the Goods of year . Desire of organizers to order use of a label and to raise its value it is possible to welcome only, - Anton Laptev, the chief executive of the National trading association holding competition ` the Goods of year ` speaks. - This step will deprive of little-known manufacturers from regions of possibility without expenses to advance the goods so, will lower interest to ` to 100 best goods ` .