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Macedonians and Albanians have found two common languages

Macedonian and Albanian

On makedono - the Albanian negotiations in the city of Ohrid, there was a small progress. The parties have reached agreements on the status of the Albanian language. However, participants of negotiations are expected by many difficulties.

negotiations in which the NATO at intermediary and EU four largest parties of Macedonia (two Albanian participate and two Macedonian), have renewed on July, 28th. The failure of the previous round has been connected by that the authorities of Macedonia have rejected vigorously requirements of insurgents about giving to the Albanian language of the status state and about creation of ethnic Albanian militia. Skopje considered that acceptance of these requirements can lead to country split. From both parties appeals were distributed to solve a problem force. However intermediaries managed to set again the conflicting parties for a negotiating table.
and on one of questions at issue the compromise nevertheless has been found. The authorities of Macedonia have agreed so that the Albanian language has received the status of the state. But only in those territories where ethnic Albanians make 20 or more percent of the population. The Albanian language will be considered also as one of two official languages of Macedonian parliament. Thus Macedonian remains the basic and priority language used everywhere.
the Albanian sources inform that representatives of insurgents have made concessions in hope that the parties immediately will begin discussion of a question on the Albanian police. Besides, the Albanian party has reserved the right to itself to withdraw the consent under already reached arrangements if it will be not not satisfied with the further course of negotiations. On other sources, at negotiations only intermediate agreement on separate aspects of a language problem has been reached and this question still remains opened.
Yesterday participants of negotiations took a time - a miss on the occasion of a Macedonian national holiday of Independence Day. And today the meeting in Ohride will be continued. The question planned to discussion on the Albanian police can appear even more difficult, after all it is a question of arms of ethnic minority among which are strong separative and nationalist sentiments. So to speak about a successful outcome makedono - the Albanian negotiations while early. Nevertheless the representative of the European Union in Macedonia Francois Leotar (Francois Leotard) has declared that atmosphere on ohridskoj to a meeting favorable and both parties understand the responsibility for destiny of the country.