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The government has calculated a social vector

Yesterday the head of department of social development of governmental body of the Russian Federation Evgenie Gontmaher has declared that revolutions in social sphere will not be in the near future. And changes to the best have already come. First of all for northerners and invalids.

Evgenie Gontmaher is assured that improvements in social sphere have already come. For example, on 20 % from the beginning of year incomes of pensioners have grown real (in real terms). And it only the beginning. The president has signed changes in the law on state pensions according to which pensions of northerners will increase.
under the law in force at calculation of pensions with application of individual factor of the pensioner (IKP) the factor of a parity of the salary of the pensioner with the average salary on the country was used. The top limit of this parity equaled 1,2. At such calculation left that nobody could get wages, more than in 1,2 times exceeding average on the country, and the maximum earnings which were considered at pension calculation, equaled all 2 thousand 10 rbl. Such way of calculation least were favourable to northerners at whom at the average salary, for example, 7 thousand rbl. and more pension as a result did not exceed 1 thousand 100 rbl. According to changes of the law on state pensions, pensions to northerners will pay off now with application of higher factors of a parity of salaries - from 1,3 to 1,6 depending on regional factor of a place of work. The increase in northern pensions on 100 - 200 rbl. will manage to the Pension fund in 550 - 600 million rbl. monthly. money, of course, considerable, - is considered by Evgenie Gontmaher. - But to make it it is necessary, as till now position of northerners with pensions was very adverse .
Besides, as mister Gontmaher has informed, and the president has taken care of invalids. According to the law signed by it on their social protection, now the regional authorities and town-planning services are obliged to provide for invalids of a condition bezbarernogo existence : convenient entrance to entrances of houses, automobiles. Thus the organisations and even the authorities which are not showing such care, will be obliged to pay penalties means from which will go on creation of conditions for high-grade existence of invalids.
that on improvement of life of invalids multi-billion expenses from the federal budget be required, Evgenie Gontmaher has agreed. But the main thing here, as he said, at all money, and a correct social vector set by the government. On prospect.