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While the boat lies in the sea, to the population threatens nothing

the Third stage of operation on lifting Kursk it is postponed

the Beginning of the third stage of operation on submarine lifting Kursk - branches from the basic case of a submarine of its first compartment - is late. It was supposed that barge Carrier with the necessary equipment onboard will arrive to a place of operation 4 - on August, 5th and already branch process on August, 10th will begin. However the barge is till now in the Norwegian port Kirkenes where the equipment last time is tested for are sharp the first compartment Kursk .

the Cutting of the technological apertures necessary for fastening of elevating devices, proceeds: from 26 are already ready 9. To keep within the schedule, divers should hurry. How it is possible to accelerate work, past Tuesday onboard special vessel Mayo heads of operation and experts in diving works of Russia, Holland and Great Britain conferred. Representatives TSKB participated in discussion " also; the Ruby .
In the meantime Murmansk governor Yury Evdokimova have acquainted with all documents (including with signature stamps confidentially and top secret ) Which prove safety of spent works. At its meeting with director TSKB the Ruby Igor Spassky had been reached the arrangement that during operation cooperation with administration of the region will be adjusted. we have in detail discussed all ecological aspects of operation and were convinced that scientists responsibly prosecute this subjects. As a result we have received on hands for the further study the safety passport in which all sections " are considered; - mister Evdokimov has told. Integrity and tightness of the reactor are provided, as it has four degrees of protection of the case. We consider that tightness not less than two such contours is kept, and we believe that there will be no such dynamic loadings which will lead to damage of the reactor and possible deterioration of radiological conditions at lifting of the ship and its statement in dock - the head of expedition of special function vitse - admiral Michael Motsak has informed.
However, there is one nuance which recognise all: anybody never similar operation spent. Therefore on a case of an emergency situation documents nevertheless prepare. Also forces and means which can be involved for various supernumerary situations at a ship finding in dock will be co-ordinated. These are the questions connected with an unloading rocket boezapasa, ship preparation to konvertovke, and also fire-prevention and radiating safety. that there scientists spoke, if is though any probability of state of emergency, we have no right not to carry out action to protect people - the chief of central administrative board GO and CHS on Murmansk area Valery Lishik has declared. As he said, while the boat lies in the sea, to the population threatens nothing . And for its finding in Rosljakove Northern fleet and department GO and CHS Severomorsk should develop the plan for a case of an emergency situation and specify, what forces will be necessary for involving for liquidation of possible failures.
radiation emission - a thing improbable, but we and this situation count, - mister Lishik has noticed. - the Factory should give us the information, on what territory in case of state of emergency radioactive deposits and that it is necessary to do can drop out: to carry out iodic preventive maintenance, evacuation, attraction of transport is required or the forces " will suffice;.