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The Albanian insurgents do not leave from main road

Yesterday the Albanian insurgents have made the next act of terrorism in Macedonia - as a result of motorcade bombardment ten persons were lost. It has threatened failure almost reached arrangements between Macedonians and Albanians about the confrontation termination.

insurgents have opened fire on a motorcade on a line of Skopje - Tetovo. The day before on the same road they have stolen five builders - Macedonians. Into the power answer have entered a curfew in settlement Arachinovo (about 10 km from Skopje). Besides, as a result of the operation performed by the authorities five Albanian insurgents from Army of the national clearing, planning acts of terrorism in capital of Macedonia have been killed by Skopje.
activization of actions of insurgents has had on the closing stage of negotiations of leaders of the largest Albanian and Macedonian parties about the peace permission of crisis. The parties have already agreed about sequence of the measures necessary for an establishment of the world in Macedonia. Signing of the frame contract on change of the constitution of Macedonia then the decision on partial amnesty of the Albanian insurgents should be accepted in the near future is expected. Disarmament of terrorists should begin simultaneously with consideration in parliament of the co-ordinated changes in the constitution. However new provocations from Albanians can negatively affect the negotiations which failure will lead to new violence on the Balkans.
however, the NATO and EU under which aegis take place negotiations, hardly will admit their definitive failure. The West expects to become the main architect Macedonian settlement. As the initiative of Russia put forward not so long ago about carrying out of the summit of the Balkan states for development of the mechanism of stability in region, seemingly, has failed. Yesterday the ambassador of Albania in Moscow Shakir Vukaj (Shakir Vukaj) has declared that Tirana considers inexpedient this offer of Moscow.