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Media - the Bridge will pay Moskomzajmu

But it is not fast

Arbitration court of Moscow yesterday has satisfied the claim of Moskomzajma about collecting from Joint-Stock Company Media - the Bridge 854,2 million rbl. of bill debts. Will receive however this money from media holding to authorities of the capital very uneasy.

on January, 4th, 2000 Media - the Bridge has given out to committee of municipal loans and developments of stock market of the government of Moscow (moskomzajm) four bills in the total cost of 805 million rbl. with repayment term in April and May, 2001. On June, 21st, 2001 Moskomzajm has shown them to repayment, however Joint-Stock Company Media - the Bridge has refused to pay. Taking into account penalties and fines a total sum collected by the Moscow arbitration court with Media - the Bridge has made 854,2 million rbl.
How and when Moskomzajm can receive this money while it is not known. The matter is that, as already informed, on August, 2nd the Federal arbitration court of the Moscow district has made the decision on liquidation Media - the Bridge . Now to execute this decision the meeting of shareholders of holding should generate the liquidating commission which will decide destiny of the property of holding, and also to define an order of payment of debts.
however meeting of shareholders Media - the Bridge will take place not earlier the beginning of September. What is the time will leave on sale of property of holding - in general it is not known, as to liquidators still it is necessary to understand that is Joint-Stock Company property that is issued on other firms and what to do with the arrested property. For example, as representatives " declare; Media - the Bridge the holding office in the Palashevsky lane does not belong for a long time to it, but nevertheless the State Office of Public Prosecutor in July has seized a building. It is arrested also personal armour Mercedes Vladimir Gusinsky.
By the way, today the Arbitration court of Moscow should consider one more claim of Moskomzajma - about collecting with Media - the Bridge 280 million rbl. In the end of May capital arbitration has rejected this claim from - for wrong official registration of papers. If this time claimants observe all formalities, today media holding Moskomzajmu amount of debt IVAN - POTAPOV

will pass for 1 mlrd rbl.