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Gennady Khodyrev has received a governor`s set

the Broom, a chessboard and a rubber boat

Yesterday the elite on July, 29th the governor of the Nizhniy Novgorod region communist Gennady Khodyrev has officially entered a post. Inauguration ceremony has passed magnificently. To the governor have presented a broom, a chessboard and a rubber boat.

for the first time ceremony of inauguration of the Nizhniy Novgorod governor passed not in gloomy obkomovskom a building well familiar to Gennady Khodyrev for those times when it held a post of the first secretary Gorki obkoma the CPSU, and in the Dramatic theatre hall. The hall has been jam-packed. Having suspended for the sake of political stability membership in the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, mister Khodyrev promised not to invite to inauguration of members of the Central Committee. Has invited deputies among whom, truth, there was a leader of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Gennady Zyuganov. But the leader of the party did not begin to act: behind side scenes it has explained that The Communist Party of the Russian Federation never was engaged in petty guardianship of governors which are selected with party support .
Having put a hand on the area charter, Gennady Khodyrev has taken the oath then has declared that some words that is called, from heart " should tell;. Also has read short speech in which has informed that do not intend to ignore opinion of those who voted against it. Has passed it is time reforms from which people shuddered, - the new governor has told. - but I come back in the office not to return all in the past, and to build the future . Also has promised that to heads of all levels there will be no rest.
there has come a turn of congratulations and gifts. The plenipotentiary of the president in Privolzhsky district Sergey Kirienko left the first on a scene and has read dry enough official congratulation. But persons of supporters of Gennady Khodyrev have brightened up, when has reached the signature: the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin .
Having finished reading of the telegramme of the president, its plenipotentiary has handed over to the new governor three modest gifts. In the beginning on a scene have taken out a chessboard. Sergey Kirienko has praised Gennady Khodyrev for correct courses during campaign also has reminded, as in the politician, and in chess there is a concept party . That the governor left the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, has appeared the second correct course. Then the plenipotentiary has informed that the new broom will sweep on - new also has handed over to head of area of a modest kind dvornitsky stock. The third gift with a hint there was a card of Privolzhsky district which the plenipotentiary has asked to hang up in a governor`s office. The Nizhniy Novgorod region in comparison with the territory under control to Sergey Kirienko, has seemed enough to the small.
till last moment it was not known, whether will take part in inauguration lost to Gennady Khodyrev almost 30 % the former governor Ivan Sklyars. But it nevertheless has come, though admitted that went with heavy heart . According to mister Sklyarov, business was at all in emotions, and that is difficult to refuse participation in the projects begun by it, which here - here would lead to improvement socially - an economic situation . The lost governor has declared that for the area future to its successor it nothing to be anxious: it is made very many. In a gift Ivan Sklyars has presented a mace and has complained that itself used to it too seldom.
the most original gift was handed over by one more former governor of the region, Boris Nemtsov. The photo of Nizhni Novgorod with pasted figures 635 572 has appeared it. So much voters have voted for Gennady Khodyrev in the second round of the last elections. Mister Nemtsov has informed that wanted to present to the new governor phone with such number to make it a hot line new administration, but number has appeared is already occupied. We saw that the operating governor is re-elected, if carries out reforms. So want do not want, you should adhere to the right course - Boris Nemtsov has declared. I will adhere to a course of the president - the hero of the festivities has tried to object. But mister Nemtsov parried: your party bearing Is visible, the president adheres to the right course! Gennady Khodyrev has then complained to journalists that Boris Nemtsov has broken the arrangement to act as the first governor of the region, without espeesovskoj colourings .
the President of Mordovia Nikolay Merkushkin has taken out a rubber boat on a scene and has told that it big enough to plant in it all political and economic elite which to the governor should be consolidated. and to pierce - the hall has quickened. And the speaker of Moscow City Council Vladimir Platonov has simply promised support of a hand of Moscow.
Then Gennady Khodyrev has proved to be to voters, having done on the main city street a way on foot to kremlja where has assigned flowers to Eternal fire. In kremle has passed also a celebratory banquet, and for the selected visitors in number of 40 persons waited also walk by the steam-ship across Volga with the new governor. Already today the governor intends to start to work. However, after the short period of adaptation to a new armchair he, most likely, will go on leave.
ELENA - ALEKSEEVA, Nizhni Novgorod