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Appraisers have cleaned from the market

from an easy hand of the Ministry of Property

the Ministry of property relations has given out the first 30 licences for realisation of estimated activity. Thus, the market of appraisers staying in full stagnation almost month, starts to revive. It was simultaneously found out that new rules of licensing have forced more half of appraisers to refuse this business. Such mass cleaning in the financial market of the country did not happen yet.

we will remind that the decision about licensing of the estimated activity, accepted by the government in April of this year, has forbidden appraisers to work since July, 16th without the licence. According to the Russian society of appraisers (ROO), to the introduction into action of this decision in the market existed an order of 15 thousand subjects of estimated activity. The department of an estimation of the Ministry of Property, appointed the controller of this market, named other figures - about 10 thousand Thus the chief of department of an estimation of the Ministry of Property George Korjashkin in interview (number from July, 17th see) has informed that just in case the ministry has printed about 15 thousand licence forms.
however for today, according to the Ministry of Property, from appraisers has arrived all about 1200 demands. we have given out the first 30 licences and have made the positive decision on 172 competitors - has declared the first deputy minister of Ministry of Property Zumrud Rustamova. It is possible to draw a conclusion that the ministry and ROO strongly was exaggerated by volumes of the market or that new rules of licensing have appeared are impracticable or unprofitable for the majority of appraisers working till July.
participants of the market believe that have worked both factors. it is obvious that we were mistaken in the estimations, - the president of the International academy of an estimation and the consulting, the first vice-president ROO Evgenie Neumann has declared. - now it is possible to say that market volumes were reduced several times . According to mister Neumann, those who wanted to obtain the licence, prepared for it in advance and have already sent the demands in the Ministry of Property. to competitors of licences rigid enough demands are made, - the general director of City bureau of an estimation Michael Isaev, - among them marks presence of documents on full professional retraining. For many it has appeared impossible as on formation reception half a year " will leave at least;. In the Ministry of Property have confirmed that absence of diplomas or their discrepancy to the educational programs co-ordinated with the ministry became a refusal principal cause in the licence.
there is, however, also the third reason of leaving of appraisers from the market, and it, most likely, the most important. For the first time for ten years of existence the estimation market is taken under state supervision. To a decision exit about licensing in the market many appraisers - the illegal immigrants working without any licences and certificates operated. It is natural that to work On - white to them it became unprofitable. Introduction of new rules of licensing will undoubtedly reduce number of illegal appraisers and unfair transactions with which the market abounded.
however the fact remains - the quantity of appraisers was at a time reduced in times. Similar in the Russian financial market yet done not happen. And though the Ministry of Property hopes to give out 4 thousand more licences, it is obvious that former number of participants in the near future to the market not to return. And it means that the market of an estimation expects repartition. And the companies which have obtained the licences among first, have every chance to involve the most perspective clients.