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Poles did not have not enough German zloties

In Poland payment of German indemnifications to victims of nazism and to dependent workers of the Third Reich has led to scandal - the Polish party accuses German of frauds and concealment of a part of money.

in Poland, as well as in other countries of Eastern Europe, payments of indemnifications to dependent workers which in days of the Second World War have been stolen to Germany and Austria have begun. However here becomes ripe scandal. The matter is that Germany pays indemnifications to Poles not in DM, and in the Polish zloties. Considering rate fluctuations of currencies, at a double exchange of marks at first for euro, and then on zloties, Germany considerably saves - the defect at payments has made zloties ($12,5 million) by today of 50 million. The special commission which investigates the reasons of decision-making on payment by Germany of indemnifications in zloties, instead of in marks is created.
the government of Poland readdresses all reproaches and charges dissatisfied in fund polsko - the German reconciliation the manager of arriving means. The fund management has made the statement as which affirms that the decision on a double exchange of the German marks was accepted at session of council of fund in February of this year with participation of representatives of the Polish government and of some known politicians.
a press - the secretary of the German fund Memory, responsibility and the future engaged in distribution of indemnifications, Kaj Hennig (Kai Hennig) has told to the correspondent that misunderstanding have arisen from - that the Polish party has wished to obtain the German compensation not in marks, and in zloties. This initiative of Poles is reflected in the agreement between German and Polish funds, the prisoner in the beginning of June. The exchange of marks for zloties has been made in the middle of June, and Germans have changed at once all sum of the first portion - DM1,3 billion After that the zloty course in relation to mark has fallen, and if the exchange has taken place now, the former dependent workers would receive, certainly, it is more than zloties. Poles assert that asked to exchange only the first tranche, instead of all the portion long at once. And Germans, in turn, say that have changed all at once that each applicant foreknew, how many will receive.
mister Hennig says that disagreements yet did not manage to be overcome, Poland has not dismissed the charges, and the parties are in process of negotiations.
as to the Russian payments they, probably, will begin this month. In the Russian fund Mutual understanding and reconciliation have informed that now the German experts check lists of applicants, and the Austrians while are not going to send the experts. And mister Hennig has assured that in Russia similar Polish the discomfiture is impossible - to the Russian victims of nazism of payment will be made not in local currency, and in marks.