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To president Kuchma have presented business

Yulia Timoshenko

Yesterday on a press - the first deputy of the main military public prosecutor of Russia Yury Jakovlev has declared conferences to journalists that its department has raised in the relation were vitse - a premiere of Ukraine of Yulia Timoshenko (Yuliya Timoshenko) criminal case upon bribery. Simultaneously the State Office of Public Prosecutor has directed to Kiev one more business about infringement by madam Timoshenko of customs rules, pylivsheesja in archive since 1995. Yulia Timoshenko has not excluded the repeated arrest. She considers that Vladimir Putin has presented its business to Leonid Kuchma (Leonid Kuchma) to birthday.

the dusty gift has had by the way
the Press - Yury Jakovleva`s conference has surprised many. GVP it is considered one of the most closed law-enforcement structures, and to achieve from it any information on investigated criminal cases it is almost impossible. However that general Jakovlev yesterday has informed, would suffice on some briefings. In the beginning he has declared that concerning Yulia Timoshenko criminal case for partnership in the organisation of a bribe and bribery is brought. In 1996 madam Timoshenko has ostensibly charged to one of the acquaintances in Ukraine to organise and transfer money to group of the Russian officials. Yury Jakovlev did not begin to specify names of these people and the bribe sum, having noticed only that it is a question not about military men, and about civil officials, and accusation " is already brought to one person;.
the First deputy of the main military public prosecutor also has informed that business against madam Timoshenko is raised on July, 30th, 2001 on the basis of the data received during the investigation in the relation the general - the colonel of the Ministry of Defence George Olejnika. This criminal case is already finished and will be soon directed to court.
Besides, on a press - to conference it has been declared that the State Office of Public Prosecutor of Russia has directed to the Ukrainian colleagues criminal case on Yulia Timoshenko charge and her husband Alexander in infringement of the customs legislation. Inspectors have remembered that in July, 1995 at the Moscow airport Vnukovo during customs control of the plane of airline Dnepravia taking off for Dnepropetrovsk, employees of customs have found in their hand luggage of $100 thousand.
in some hours madam Timoshenko to whom numerous plunders and bribery in the homeland are incriminated, has called in Kiev reciprocal a press - conference. All charges in the address she named the provocation which has been cooked up by the Russian authorities by request of Leonid Kuchma, and has promised to bring an action against slanderers. The episode with currency in Vnukovo Yulia Timoshenko denies: I cannot make comments on what was not! . To the Russian officials it did not bring bribes: How it is possible to bribe the person whom in eyes did not see? .
Yulia Timoshenko has not excluded possibility of the repeated arrest. It has connected statements of the high-ranking Russian public prosecutor happy birthday Leonid Kuchma who was marked yesterday. Vladimir Putin wanted to make pleasant to the colleague, - Yulia Timoshenko considers. - and is more true, already to the vassal .

Business podpisantov
However, in GVP draw on purely criminal aspect of all this history connected with deliveries in the middle of 1990 - h years of the Russian gas to Ukraine in exchange for material - technical resources for needs of the Ministry of Defence. These operations as inspectors consider, have caused to the budget a damage in some hundreds millions dollars.
the mechanism of deliveries looked as follows: Gazprom Exported to Ukraine gas, and that as payment should provide the Russian military men with the goods and building materials from the Ukrainian manufacturers. All it became on account of budgetary financing MO then the Ministry of Finance gave to Gazprom tax clearings.
on December, 29th, 1995 of that time the chairman of the board of the Russian Open Society Gazprom Rem Vyahirev and the president Uniform power networks of Ukraine Yulia Timoshenko have signed the contract #4 GU - 96 about gas deliveries in volume 25 mlrd cubic m.
In 5 months now eks - the head of the Ministry of Finance Vladimir Panskov the order has given to the enterprises Gazprom having shortages on budgetary payments, on account of execution of this contract tax clearing for the sum which is not exceeding $300 million (at that time not monetary form of repayment of debts was in exceptional cases provided by the government). Soon Minister of Defence Pavel Grachev and madam Timoshenko have signed the general agreement with a date of performance till January, 31st, 1997. According to it, Ukraine was obliged to put MO the goods and building materials on 1,5 trln rbl. ($300 million).
on November, 28th, 1996, while the Ukrainian party has not given to military men of any nail, - one of employees of the State Office of Public Prosecutor has told to the correspondent, - the new agreement has been signed, concerning settlements of debts ` Gazprom ` before the budget on $250 million Among podpisantov were already were the first deputy of the Minister of Finance Andrey Vavilov, the head of the State tax service Vitaly Artjuhov, Minister of Defence Igor Rodionov, and. An island of the chairman of the board ` Gazprom ` Vyacheslav Sheremet, and also representatives of National reserve bank, English firm United Energi International (UEI Ltd) and Yulia Timoshenko .
a month later the Ministry of Finance has listed to central administrative board of the military budget and financing MO the specified means for the account opened in NRB. This very day money has been translated to English company UEI Ltd., souchreditelem which is EUROPEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY of Ukraine. This pay-sheet was signed by the chief of the department the general - colonel George Olejnik.
In the beginning of March, 1997 under the same scheme in UEI Ltd have left $ more 200 million Only instead of NRB the bank participated in operations Imperial . And according to the spent audit which conclusions later have been confirmed in several arbitration courts, Ukraine has executed the obligations to military men under two agreements only on $120 million Accordingly about $330 million have simply disappeared. Later the claim for this sum has been submitted GVP to arbitration court to Ukraine and satisfied. However, the defeated party of money has not returned, having referred that investigation of this business is not finished yet.
In the end of the past and the beginning of this year inspectors GVP have shown to George Olejniku and Andrey Vavilov charges in excess of powers of office with causing of heavy consequences. During the investigation inspectors searched for the stolen millions, but unsuccessfully. Answers to the international commissions have not given a full picture about the conductings which traces have got lost where - that in a Pacific offshore. Therefore inspectors have gone more simple way, trying to find proofs of corruption of officials. However to whom exactly madam Timoshenko has transferred a bribe and about what sum there can be a speech, inspectors and have not found out.

general Olejnik operated by order of
Andrey Vavilov Victoria Kopyttseva`s Lawyer has declared to the correspondent that military public prosecutors now at all have no right to make comments on an investigation course as materials concerning its client are transferred in the State Office of Public Prosecutor. Press - conferences it considers convocation as attempt to protect official authority in communication with the found out facts which prove custom-made character of prosecution of Vavilov . Why my client should bear responsibility what the Ukrainian party has not in full carried out of the obligations? - madam Kopyttseva is perplexed.
General Olejnik also asserts that all charges brought against it are insolvent. In - the first, it has been appointed to this post only in October, 1996 and has not had time to familiarise with all questions, concerning financings MO. Besides the general has not been in due time informed on the Ukrainian agreements and contracts. It only executed minfinovskoe the order. Thus each operation was spent to a superdeadline - in one bank day. And check up legality of all transfers it could not physically.
In - the second, George Olejnik asserts that did not accept participation in working out of the test scheme: among others peregovorshchikov Igor Rodionov was engaged in it. Naturally, not to obey the order the minister the general could not.
it could be regarded as refusal to execute the order of the Minister of Defence with all that it implies, - the general has declared, in particular. - if I have refused, would be immediately discharged of a post, and the payment document would be issued by the first signature of other person appointed there and then and. An island of the head of department .
And Andrey Vavilov in a case nepodpisanija payment orders has promised to George Olejniku that that will repeat destiny of the former chief of finance administration MO the general - colonel Vasily Vorobeva who in the beginning 1990 - h with scandal has been dismissed years. In this connection George Olejnika`s lawyers already petitioned for the termination of criminal case of their client, but to them have refused.
In the same situation as general Olejnik, there were also other executors of the given transaction. For example, Ljubov Kudelina earlier working in the Ministry of Finance, and now holding a post of the deputy minister of defence. As it became known, on a confrontation with Andrey Vavilov it has shown that that put upon it pressure, having forced to issue under the threat of dismissal necessary papers.