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If I wanted it, I would kill him

Killer Lihov has acted in court

In the Supreme court Kabardino - Balkarii after some break has renewed process over grouping criminal authority Zamira Lihova (wrote about its beginning). On process new security measures are accepted: made for placing of defendants of a cage on all perimetre have sheathed a metal grid. In total on this business passes 31 persons. Members of grouping are accused of gangsterism, robbery, robberies and in total in 12 murders.

after announcement of the bill of particulars fifteen accused did not recognise the fault, and fifteen more have agreed with the shown charges only partially. Completely the fault recognised only Marat Kambiev accused of participation in a gang and armed assault.
during a break on process the chairman was replaced: Place of Muhameda Olmezova presented on a new post, the judge of the Supreme court of republic Zaur Vologirov has occupied. In judicial examination it is investigated while only 6 of 56 episodes available in business. The first of them - murder of the inhabitant of Nalchik Igor Rajkova, made in the night from 10 for August, 11th, 1995 in Kiev. As the bill of particulars says, in August, 1995 the organizer of a gang of Zamir Lihov on commercial affairs was in capital of Ukraine. At this time there there has arrived also Rajkov. Acquaintance Lihova Edward Makoev who is now in search, has agreed with it about murder of Rajkova which has run into debt to it of money, and has transferred Lihovu a pistol of Makarova. At night Lihov in apartment which it removed, three shots has killed Rajkova. Then together with two friends of Makoeva (criminal case against them is stopped behind the prescription expiry of the term) they have transported a body on coast of Dnepr and have burnt. rajkov has been identified by relatives only on a stomatologic card.
On preliminary investigation Lihov has confessed in this murder and some times gave evidences about its circumstances. On court he has declared that murder of Rajkova was made by the fourth person who was in apartment. However has not managed to name neither surnames, nor a name of the murderer.
Besides, the court has considered episodes with a robbery and two armed assaults on inhabitants of Nalchik, and also theft of the safe from 20 thousand roubles from one of city co-operative societies. Accused Timur Abitov, Hauti and Alik Kumykovy of the fault did not recognise, though the part of victims has identified some of them.
on August, 7th in court the episode of preparation of Lihova to murder of the private businessman from which the authority took the goods on realisation has been investigated. Lihov has run into debt to it about 20 thousand roubles. According to the bill of particulars, Lihov has got in the Ingush city of Malgobeke pistol PSM and five cartridges to it. It used four of them, checking, as the weapon shoots. Well knowing a daily routine of the businessman, for murder Lihov has chosen parking place where that left the car. In the evening on November, 22nd, 1997, having charged a pistol last, the fifth, a cartridge, it went on parking, but on road has been detained by police officers. Then for illegal storage of fire-arms Nalchiksky gornarsud has sentenced it to 2 years of imprisonment conditionally.
now Lihov categorically denies the fault regarding preparation for murder, declaring that indications on preliminary investigation gave under physical and psychological pressure. your honour as you know, for me lasts the whole loop of grave crimes. If I wanted it, I would kill him - Lihov has declared to court. Probably, with it the businessman recognised to victims on the given episode agrees also. On court he has told that very much doubts intention of the former worker to kill it as the question with a debt in some months has been settled.
At following session which will take place on August, 14th, the court intends to consider 4 more episodes of charge. In total in their criminal case 64. Including 12 murders - among victims of gangsters are women and small children.