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Heydar Aliyev has incorrectly understood Vladimir Putin

Yesterday in Moscow have passed Russian - the Iranian consultations on problems of Caspian sea. Teheran has found out for itself the main thing - without it these questions anybody will not discuss also a management of Iran will receive the invitation to the summit of the near-Caspian states which will pass in October in Ashkhabad.

visit of the assistant to head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran Ali Ahani (Ali Akhani) to Moscow prepared in an emergency order. In Teheran the present alarm was caused by statements of a management of Azerbaijan: referring to Moscow in them it was told about inexpediency of participation of Iran in negotiations on the Caspian problematics . In Baku argued that time Soviet - the Iranian contract across Caspian sea of 1940 nobody cancelled, it continues to operate. And revision of borders of this closed sea concerns only to Russia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Turkmenia, assignees of the USSR.
Threat to stand aside from negotiating process seemed to Iranians especially real that Russia to which the Azerbaijan authorities constantly referred, did not react in any way to statements of Baku. Yesterday the assistant to head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, the special representative of the president concerning Caspian sea Victor Kalyuzhny as could has calmed the Iranian colleague.
as it has appeared, Moscow supports participation in negotiating process of all near-Caspian states, including Iran. And on the summit of the near-Caspian states in Ashkhabad which is planned for October, will be, certainly, the Iranian president is invited. And the originator arisen nedoponimanija, according to the Iranian visitor, recognises Azerbaijan led by president Heydar Aliyev (Heydar Aliyev). It incorrectly interpreted Vladimir Putin`s said at the informal summit of the CIS in Sochi the words.
simultaneously Moscow has supported the prompt settlement Azerbaijan - the Iranian relations. Baku and Teheran balance two weeks on the verge of rupture dipotnosheny from - for the incident which has occurred in disputable sector of Caspian sea. Then the ship of Naval Forces of Iran has compelled the Azerbaijan research vessel to leave area. According to the Russian side to solve the arisen disagreements it is possible only by negotiations. Moscow offers itself as the intermediary. If this offer is accepted both parties of the conflict Russia, having acted in a role of the judge, becomes the first among the equal near-Caspian states.