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Vympelcom - R asks for St.-Petersburg

Ministry of Communications yet does not start up

Yesterday the first has taken place a press - conference of a management of Joint-Stock Company Vympelcom - R Open Society branch Vympelcom on which it has been in detail told about plans Vympelcom - R on building of networks GSM in regions. In particular, Vympelcom - R has submitted to Ministry of Communications the demand for reception of the licence for work in St.-Petersburg and Severo - the Western region. Thus in Ministry of Communications say that the demand from Vympelcom - R do not consider.

a press - conference Vympelcom - R has been given in ten days after shareholders of the parent company Vympelcom have approved the multistage transaction with the Alpha - groups and Norwegian Telenor. As a result Vympelcom has informed on attraction to $337 million in the project Vympelcom - R ($220 million from the Alpha - groups plus of $117 million from most Vympelcom and Telenor). Yesterday a top - managers Vympelcom - R named still a great sum of prospective investments in regional projects - $530 million till 2005. Except the mentioned $337 million so-called financing of the supplier, that is the investment in the form of commodity credits here is included. Under forecasts Vympelcom - R in 2001 financing of the supplier will make $10 million, in 2002 and 2003 - on $30 million According to the general director Vympelcom - R Alexey Mishchenko, tenders among suppliers of the equipment are now held. In the first - on delivery gland for a network in Nizhni Novgorod - the victory was gained by the traditional partner Vympelcom Alcatel.
to Master means Vympelcom - R plans quickly enough (see the inquiry). The chairman of board of directors Vympelcom - R Stanislav Shekshnja has declared on yesterday`s a press - conferences that in the long term the company expects to cover with a network Bi Line GSM all country. For this purpose Vympelcom - R expects to obtain licences or to take shares of already working camera companies in Severo - the Western region, in Ural Mountains and the Far East. According to mister Shekshni, recently Vympelcom - R has made an application on licence reception in St.-Petersburg and Severo - the Western region of Russia: In Petersburg penetration of service of cellular communication at level of 10 % will be soon reached, and the Ministry of Communications can grant the licence to the third GSM - to the operator . The Chairman of board of directors Vympelcom - R has explained that in Ural Mountains and the Far East more low and demands for these regions the company yet did not submit a penetration indicator: There it is necessary to operate with other methods .
In Ministry of Communications have confirmed that the demand " on June, 21st has been received; Vympelcom - R on reception of licences for St.-Petersburg and Severo - the Western region. However, according to the representative of Ministry of Communications, the demand has been sent the sender as incomplete - in it there was no frequency conclusion: Now we do not consider the demand from ` Vympelcom - R ` . In Vympelcom - R yesterday could not comment more in detail on a situation with the demand for St.-Petersburg.