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The Mafiosi of villages on all life and 16 years

the Italian police declared arrest of one of the most influential bosses of a mafia - 49 - summer Gaetano Skotto. It was wanted the whole eight years.

in the end of July in Milan police the secret informer has called (in its police reports name “ a local source of the information “) Also has informed that in the city of Kjavari he has noticed the person extremely similar to Gaetano Skotto (Gaetano Scotto) - head of a mafia family of Akvasanta. Policemen have established round-the-clock supervision over the house in which the agent has specified. On August, 7th, after it has been finalised that in the house there lives Skotto, the Mafiosi has been arrested.
detention has done without shooting and a pursuit. Having opened a door, the Mafiosi has shown to policemen documents on another`s name. When charge has been read it, without a confusion shade admitted that it and is Gaetano Skotto. Now it in prison gets acquainted with materials of the business.
Gaetano Skotto was wanted eight years. In 1992 the mafia has struck the hardest blow to fighters with the organised crime, having killed two most terrible enemies Cosa Nostra. On May, 23rd in Palermo on a threshold of the house together with the wife and bodyguards judge Giovanni Falkone (Giovanni Falcone) has been shot. And on July, 19th in the centre of Palermo the car in which accompanied by protection its nearest colleague judge Paolo Borsellino (Paolo Borsellino went) has blown up. Murders have shaken all country. By next year inspectors managed to establish judges guilty of  destruction. Direct participation of Gaetano Skotto in preparation of murder of judge Borsellino has been proved, and the Mafiosi has been sentenced to a life imprisonment in absentia.
various terms have received some tens criminals. Search went actively enough, and during next several years many of murderers have appeared behind a lattice. In 1994 have caught Lorentso Tinnirello (Lorenzo Tinnirello), explosion participating in preparation in Palermo, in 1995 - the second person in a mafia of Leonluku Bagarellu (Leonluca Bagarella), guilty of murder of both judges, in 1996 it was possible to plant Toto Riinu (Salvatore Riina), considered as the godfather of the Italian mafia, and together with it some more tens persons.
Many of the Mafiosi, having stayed some years, have been amnestied and left on freedom. And Gaetano Skotto also did not lose it.
for eight years the consequence has established, what exactly it listened to telephone negotiations of mother Paolo Borsellino and on the basis of this data has made the detailed schedule of movings of the judge on a city. Besides, participation of Gaetano Skotto in the several other crimes connected in basic with the drug traffic has been in this time proved. These episodes have been allocated in independent business, on which Mafiosi has received over a life imprisonment as early as 16 years of prison.