Rus News Journal

Foreigners are frightened

For last two weeks the Russian stock market was rolled away on a position of April - May of this year. Russian blue counters have fallen in price on the average on 10 %. According to analysts, it has occurred because the fear of investors before new economic crises has reached a critical point. Now they prefer to store the means in the least risky monetary - currency actives, instead of in securities. In the USA the economic stagnation proceeds, the unstable situation remains in the eurozone countries. Also emerging markets uncomfortably feel. Meanwhile it is not expected permissions of crises in the markets of Argentina and Brazil. Therefore investors while wait to avoid essential losses. Position has even more worsened falling of the prices for oil in the world commodity markets - three weeks ago it has fallen in price almost on 20 %. And the decision of the OPEC on decrease in quotas on oil recovery has not caused an expected rise in prices for these raw materials. And investors have started to deduce the money from the most liquid Russian actions the majority from which make just oil papers.