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Agents of CIA nearly have not burnt down on work

In a building a staff - CIA apartments there was a fire. Anybody seriously has not suffered, however employees should be evacuated for a while. Representatives of CIA declare that do not see in an event anything suspicious.

the fire in Lengli has begun on Tuesday in 17. 45 local time on the fifth floor of an old building of CIA where the service of monitoring of the espionage information which are flown down from every corner of the globe is located. All employees still were on workplaces when on a floor, and then and on all building the smoke has started to creep away. 60 firemen who have arrived from Washington evacuated from a building of people and have quickly enough coped with fire. However at some o`clock work on processing of espionage messages has been interrupted, and computers are switched off. However, according to the representative of CIA Mark Mensfilda (Mark Mansfield), it has not affected neither volume, nor on quality of the information which delivers department.
Firemen and doctors had to assist several tens the people, poisoned smoke. Besides, two employees of department and one fireman have been hospitalised with easy traumas. Next day the heads have resolved to all employees who felt badly, to sit at home, according to heads of investigation, the person who has lacked oxygen, can easily be mistaken at processing of the important information. However, this permission has not concerned key workers - they had to work in a usual mode.
there are some versions of occurrence of a fire. On one of them, conducting ignition became the reason, on another - from a spark from an electrodistributive box the refuse chute that has caused strong smoke blanketing has lighted up. On Wednesday all inputs in a building have been closed, and employees reached workplaces on transition from other case.
the fire in CIA has occurred all in four days after a fire in the Pentagon. Then from - for lighted up in ventilating branch of electroconducting from a building it was necessary to evacuate over 10 thousand persons. The total evacuated at a fire in Lengli is not informed.