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In Primorski Krai have counted up, how much a yesterday`s rain

Yesterday in Primorski Krai the sizes of the damage put by a destructive downpour on August, 7th (have defined 200 mm of deposits for 3 hours). Preliminary only to Vladivostok the rain has managed in 1,271 mlrd rbl. 9 persons Have sunk, 15 bridges, over 70 km of automobile and 2 km of the railways are destroyed. 1500 apartment houses are impounded, in a disaster zone there are 30 thousand persons. Work of the Guerrilla state district power station is suspended. Governor Sergey Darkin declared state of emergency in edge.

according to regional management on emergency situations, from nine victims six are inhabitants of Vladivostok and its suburb, two - the cities of Artema and one - Guerrilla area. Rescuers do not exclude that the number of victims will increase, as not all the flooded apartment houses are surveyed. Circumstances of destruction of people became known. The elderly woman in suburb of Vladivostok has been found in own house flooded on the roof: She has not had time to be evacuated. Eyewitnesses have told to the correspondent that around a public transport stop Sports in capital of Primorski Krai the water stream has picked up two teenagers: the girl and the young man. The girl the passer-by managed to be kept, and 15 - the summer young man has got to the flooded tunnel under the railway bridge where there were no chances to escape. Around street Russian water has knocked down two men, and they have choked. In Arteme the stream in the city market has tumbled down the container which has pressed down one person.
from flooded in suburb of Vladivostok of apartment houses by means of inflatable rafts and helicopters 70 persons are evacuated, but 93 more have refused to leave the dwellings, being afraid of marauders. They expect water level recession, being on roofs. From recreation camps 500 children are taken out. Has sunk two armoured troop-carriers of rescuers, crews managed to escape.
Round the clock there are works on restoration of the washed off railway bridge around station Sedanka: operates 3 mostopoezda, 200 experts are involved. Railway communication will be restored on Friday. While trains of distant following go to station Coal to 30 km from the centre of Vladivostok. Therefrom passengers carry by buses.
power have restored work of 400 transformer substations, but in 200 apartment houses of an electricity there will be no even 3 days. Repair work on the substation feeding izdatelsko - a polygraphic complex " proceeds; Dalpress . Yesterday from - for complex de-energisations local and central newspapers have not been printed.
around the former military airdrome in Vladivostok (now here apartment houses) rains have washed up from soil some boxes with shells. Sappers have taken out ammunition for a city.
the Regional Office of Public Prosecutor has begun investigation of circumstances of dump of water from the Sedankinsky water basin therefore railway communication has been broken, and the big suburb has appeared flooded. According to representatives of the mayoralty, dump has been carried out according to rules, but in the regional commission on emergency situations consider that the authorities of Vladivostok have been warned about a forthcoming downpour, therefore a water basin it was possible to prepare in advance for reception of water and to avoid an emergency.
all in under abnormal condition - salvage operations participate about 2 thousand persons and 150 units of technics. The regional authorities have declared that without the aid of the federal government with flooding consequences will not consult. An initial recovery work will last till the end of August. Yesterday over Southern Primorski Krai solar weather was established. However weather forecasters do not exclude that within the next few days rains will renew, and till September probably new flooding.