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on August, 9th - Independence Day of Singapore
the Ambassador of Singapore in Russia MARK HONG (Mark Hong)
36 - I anniversary of national independence of our state which we mark today, - a good occasion to the analysis of last, present and future Singapore. From the moment of the independence announcement in 1965 Singapore has reached considerable results: our independence and the sovereignty use a world recognition, the country lives in peace also safety, the population (4 million person, from them of 25 % of foreigners) prospers, an educational level high, are absent housing problems, national consciousness is characterised by a maturity, the people lives in racial and religious harmony. Fast economic growth of our country - on the average on 8 % a year within last 35 years - has provided prosperity, the low rate of inflation, proportional distribution of a prosperity, the low rate of unemployment, the developed infrastructure and an education system. Our economy developed very fast rates, having begun with $500 of gross national product per capita in 1965 and having reached $25 thousand gross national product per capita in 2000.
on - to mine, Singapore has found for itself two lamps of Aladdina : the mechanism of a prosperity and the mechanism of political stability. Our country is unique that the challenge dares to throw down to traditional thinking and achieves the impossible. So, for example, 25 % of territory of the country have been won from the sea. Singapore has constructed prospering petrochemical industrial complex on the island formed thus. One more example: apartment houses will reach 50 floors in height. Let we do not have strategic rockets or the nuclear weapon, but we have experience in art of the government and an economic science. Among other achievements of modern Singapore: a recognition of our country most globalizovannoj in the world; the fourth place in the list of the least corrupted states; Company Singapore Airlines, airport Changi and port usually are called as the best; our government is recognised by one of the best.
last year we have reached 10 % of a gain of gross national product, and in present the country endures the recession caused mostly by problems of our basic export markets: the USA, Japan and Europe. We know that hard time is necessary to us, but we do not lose confidence. And on that is the bases. In - the first, our economic bases are strong and reliable. In - the second, the government has experience of a successful exit from the Asian crisis 1997 - 1998. In - the third, the government and the people are rallied, as the management constantly explains the difficulties facing us, such, as globalisation, maintenance of competitiveness and others.
predictably, economic growth in 2001 will make 1 %. Under forecasts for 2002, economic growth will reach 6 %. In many respects it depends on that, how fast the USA, Japan and Europe will consult with the difficulties. Our economic restoration usually passes very quickly that is characteristic for the small countries. How the government of Singapore will cope with present recession, becomes one more proof of its competence.
Singapore - the advanced country. We create intellectual economy with hi-tech sectors: natural sciences, information technology, petrochemical branch. Besides, Singapore creates cosmopolitan and live culture, encourages creativity, innovation, business and constant increase of level of knowledge. We aspire to an embodiment of daring ideas, such, as, for example, the thinking schools, the formed nation . As One more example level of our formation can serve. Many our students trained at foreign universities, become the best or win on the international scientific Olympic Games. Singapore has agreed with seven universities known all over the world about opening of their branches in our country, three more similar projects are expected in the near future. The emphasis of Singapore on formation and development of human resources is clear in view of that we do not have natural resources - we are compelled to import even potable water. Being pragmatists in the pragmatical country, we follow advice were the prime minister - Whether minister of the mister of Kuan JU: Be ready to new world economy and wait for challenges which will rise in front of Singapore .