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Sibneft will fill in Tyumen with gasoline

Yesterday Sibneft declared the termination of registration of the transaction on acquisition at the Tyumen oil company (multinational corporation) and friendly to it of structures of 78,4 % of voting actions of the marketing enterprise of joint-stock company largest in the Tyumen region Tjumennefteprodukt . Thanks to the transaction Sibneft plans to increase loading Omsk NPZ and to occupy half of petrol market of the Tyumen region.

joint-stock company Tjumennefteprodukt it is created in 1995 on the basis of the Tyumen management of oil products in the south of area. Its structure includes 80 gas stations and 22 tank farms. Last year at the enterprise it has been realised 263 thousand t oil products.

for the first time about intention to get a share holding Tjumennefteprodukta at the multinational corporation (to it belonged about 50 % of voting actions) Sibneft declared in June. The vice-president of the company Valery Ojf then has declared that the transaction is favourable the companies as it is entered in its strategy on increase in number of own gas stations and franchise development.
yesterday Sibneft officially declared end of legal registration of the transaction which was spent together with friendly structures of the petrocompany. Now a marketing network Sibneft including the gas stations working on franchajzingovym to contracts, totals 996 gaz stations. The president Sibneft Evgenie Shvidler so has commented on this event: the Short transport shoulder from Omsk NPZ to Tyumen, the transport infrastructure and quality of Omsk gasoline will provide success to the project . By words a press - the secretary Sibneft Alexey Firsova, last year Omsk NPZ has processed 12,5 million t oil and has been loaded approximately on 70 %. Development of retail trade by oil products in the Tyumen region will allow to finish processing to 17 million t oil in a year.
at first sight for the multinational corporation this transaction looks not quite logically - recently the company spends active expansion in the petrol market of Russia, avaricious gaz stations at independent operators. However in the multinational corporation this step consider economically expedient. the Tyumen region does not represent for us interest from the point of view of retail trade in oil products - the vice-president of the multinational corporation Dmitry Ivanov has declared. The company has been compelled to bring fuel with entering into the multinational corporation Ryazan NPZ and, to cover transport costs, to sell gasoline on 15 - 20 copecks more expensively, than competitors. Company plans included building own NPZ in the Tyumen region, however a top - managers have counted unreasonable to spend $200 - 300 million thus that the majority existing NPZ today are loaded not completely.