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On the government povejalo a cold

Yesterday president Vladimir Putin has caused to the Kremlin beginners in Michael Kasyanov`s office - Igor Jusufova`s Ministers of Energy and Vitaly Artjuhova`s natural resources. For lack of the having a rest prime minister the president took carrying out of today`s session of the government on preparation for winter in the hands.

the head of the Russian Open Society " should become the main lecturer at today`s cabinet council; UES of Russia “ Anatoly Chubays. (However, mister Chubays can subcontract this problem to somebody from the assistants - for example, to the vice-president of board of the Russian Open Society responsible for so-called critical regions Michael Abyzovu.) Recently the Russian Open Society “United Power Systems“ only also did that prepared for government session. Mister Abyzov, inspecting the saved up fuel, has gone round all Russia from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok. The Russian Open Society even tried to raise tariffs, being afraid that on fuel there will be no money. But attempt has failed, and it was necessary to take the credit in the Savings Bank - almost one and a half billion.
nevertheless for the report Vladimir Putin has caused yesterday not representatives of the Russian Open Society “United Power Systems“, and Minister of Energy Igor Jusufova. Former minister Alexander Gavrin has been dismissed in punishment for approach of winter (with the formulation “ for chronic inability to solve arising questions “) . And one week ago Vladimir Putin has noticed that if the promises made to it not to admit vymerzanija mercy it is not necessary to wait for the whole regions as last year, will not come true.
However, the ministry if not by the winter for government session it was prepared. In materials which will be today rozdany to members of the government, it is said that the general manufacture toplivno - power resources in Russia for the first half of the year 2001 has grown on 17 million t (in comparison with the first half of the year of last year) and has reached 727,3 million t conditional fuel. Oil for the first half of the year it is extracted 167,4 million t (growth on 10,85 million), black oil it is made 25,32 million t (growth on 2,3 %), coal it is extracted 134,65 million t (too on 2,3 %).
It is all yesterday and mister Jusufov has stated to the president. Vladimir Putin in the answer has paid attention of the minister that on some objects of social appointment power cutoffs, and not for current non-payments, and for former debts proceed. It became clear that at government session will be it is told not only about winter, but also about the one who is responsible for switching-off - Anatoly Chubays or Igor Jusufov much. However, to affect the Minister of Energy volumes of extraction of power resources and on supply of the population by light and heat, in effect, not in a condition. And to be responsible for it it is necessary.
Yesterday president Putin has caused to itself one more recently appointed minister - the head of Ministry for Protection of the Environment and Natural Resources Vitaly Artjuhova. Also spoke with it about interaction with regions. Now the ministry spends audit of how licences for working out of natural resources stand out and used. Interests of the regional authorities are directly mentioned. And the ministry should show known rigidity. Why it was required to discuss mining operations on the eve of prewinter governmental session? At least because for heating oil or coal are necessary. And it is necessary to heat regions where all it is extracted.