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With potential of little girls it is a lot of

Recently in the Russian tennis there were so much talents, how many, probably, in one country of the world. Probably, it is better than others Larissa Nejland, the known tennis-player in the recent past, and now the trainer knows a situation in it. Becoming in this season the instructor of Russian national team, it has deduced it at once in final tournament of the Cup of federation. On the Kremlin Cup from Larissa SAVCHENKO - nejland correspondent ALEXEY - the ARMOUR has had a talk.

- performance of whom from the Russian tennis-players in the first days of the Kremlin Cup you would allocate?
- Elena Bovina has played is more tremendous. It always was the fighter and this quality - ability to break game when at you it like and does not go - to it here has helped. Lina Krasnorutsky, Nadezhda Petrova though both and have lost in the first circle were pleasant to me...
- on this tournament from someone from Russians, in your opinion, it is necessary to wait for the big surprises?
- surprises? For them always you wait. It would be desirable, that someone from our girls in Moscow has won. The success of the house is always excellent start for career.
- you see at someone from them potential, sufficient that when - that to become, let us assume, the first racket of the world?
- with potential of little girls it is a lot of. Much those who fine works, - I see. But the first racket of the world - about it, excuse, it is impossible to speak. In the ends of the ends, much depends on circumstances. Traumas, for example, can prevent someone... I in general never put before those girls with whom I work, such problem - to enter into the five or ten. Simply I repeat that if they as responsibly concern tennis and further, all will come.
- some our rising stars, for example Dinara Safina, say that transition from youthful tennis in the adult is very hard given...
is for all a problem. I remember, how my Lina Krasnorutsky when passed in professional tennis suffered. It was the first in juniors. And here, having four defeats for a year, meets with 150 - j, something like that, a world racket. Also loses... Not because the talent does not suffice. Simply adult tennis, unlike youthful, forgives nothing - neither slackness second, nor errors. There for all at once and cruelly punish.
- but at Martiny Hingis all as - that smoothly left?
- Hingis let`s not take as an example. He/she is a unique person, such one on one million is born. On it to equal sense is not present.
- All in Moscow have paid attention that at the Krasnorutsky, presented your schoolgirl most, perhaps, a new hairdress. And in general it has fine changed...
- I to it in March have told: Everything, is time to search for something new, to leave children`s image . Here also have left.
- you are going to involve someone from new Russian stars in a national team?
- all time someone we will involve. I for that there were new faces... A choice, by the way, now in a national team and so big and good: at us is both Elena Dementyev, and Elena Lihovtseva, and Krasnorutsky, both Bovina, and Anastasia Myskina.
- Anna Kurnikova have definitively refused?
- yes we have no is right from someone to refuse. Simply it only has returned on court and is hardly ready to play such responsible tournament, as a federation Cup. Responsible because honour of the country you protect. I, at least, as the trainer cannot offer it it. Though I do not exclude that, make its the similar proposal, Kurnikova would agree. But it would be the consent that is called, on emotions. Here it will be restored completely then we will look...
- but after all she so much time refused!
- I with it if it is fair, never on this theme talked. Here it is difficult to me to do any conclusions.
- as there will pass preparation for final tournament of the Cup of federation?
- for five days prior to the beginning, that is on November, 2nd, we will arrive to Madrid. It will be necessary to be trained, adapt to an earth blanket which there will lay directly in a hall.
- it is a lot of time at you work from a national team takes away?
- is not present. I do not want to tell that it basically simple work but when all occurs, whether that, on - chelovecheski it becomes enough easy.
- and how your appointment to the post of the coach of the team in general has taken place?
is entirely there was Shamil Tarpischev`s idea, I was presented already with a fait accompli. To refuse, as I have counted, would be silly, because I on - former most of all in life love tennis and I like to work with tennis-players.
- And you, curiously, divide the point of view of sceptics which consider, what today female tennis becomes more and more boring as the accent becomes on physical strength?
- is not present. If it is fair, for me in tennis one matters - result. And as you will reach it - simply beating off balls on a back line, leaving to a grid or playing kombinatsionno, on - to mine, not important.
- becoming the trainer of the Russian national team, to Moscow have not moved?
- (Laughs.) I at all do not know, where I live. From - for works constantly it is necessary to move on the world. Mum, my dogs, a cat - in Jurmala. Miss, probably. But I cannot stop: too all it is pleasant to me.