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to It have prolonged powers of the commander-in-chief

Yesterday the cabinet and national board of safety of Pakistan have prolonged powers of president Perveza Musharrafa on a post of the commander-in-chief army. This decision which many consider as mere formality, takes on special significance in the light of the preparing action of punishment of the USA against Talibs.

Pervez Musharraf (Pervez Musharraf) has been appointed to the post the commander-in-chief of land forces of Pakistan still by the former government led by prime minister Navazom Sharif (Nawaz Sharif) in 1998. In October, 1999 it has been displaced from this post by the same prime minister. But this decision has turned back against mister Sharif: general Musharraf with active support of army has there and then dethroned the prime minister and declared itself the chief executive.
since then up to June of this year the official post of mister Musharrafa and was called - the chief executive. As a matter of fact it combined in one person of function of the head of the state and function of the prime minister, giving critics the grounds to name its dictator. In June general Musharraf has taken the oath as the president, but has reserved both functions of the prime minister, and a post of the head of national board of safety.
meanwhile powers of the commander-in-chief of army not termless also expire on October, 5th this year. Therefore the head of the state needed to call urgently the cabinet and security council to prolong the powers.
many observers in Pakistan consider yesterday`s session as mere formality. However it is not necessary to forget that, having supported the American action against the international terrorism (and actually against the Afghani Talibs), president Musharraf has caused a wave of discontent in the country - first of all in circles of radical Islamites, whose popularity has sharply increased suddenly. In these conditions preservation for the president of a post of the commander-in-chief of army is new attempt of strengthening of a vertical of executive power.