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Kosovo will choose between the fighter and the insurgent

Yesterday in the Yugoslavian edge Kosovo campaign for parliamentary elections has begun. Voting which will take place on November, 17th, in many respects will define the further destiny of edge and the Balkans as a whole.

now Kosovo actually is the international protectorate: United Nations mission led by Hans Hekkerupom (Hans Haekkerup) operates it, and the world and an order provide about 50 thousand international peacemakers, in which structure and 3500 Russian commandoes. But external managing directors intend to transfer gradually reins of government in hands of Kosovars. Last year`s local elections became the first step on this way. Value of present voting much more above. On its results the parliament which will select the government and the president of edge will be generated. And though they will still operate under the supervision of external managing directors, their influence on the Kosovan policy becomes notable.
in election campaign participate 26 parties and coalitions. However it is real on the power in edge two apply only - the Democratic union of Kosovo headed by Ibragimom Rugova (Ibrahim Rugova), and Democratic party of Kosovo Hashima Tachi (Hashim Taci). Mister Rugova is considered the moderate politician and preaches methods of nonviolent struggle - it even name Albanian Gandi. Hashim Tachi was the political leader of insurgents from Liberation army of Kosovo which conducted the armed struggle for independence. One year ago on local elections the victory was gained by supporters of mister Rugova.
among participants of pre-election race while there are no Kosovan Serbs. Their coalition Returning yet has not accepted the final decision concerning participation in November voting. Has not defined the position at elections and official Belgrad. The democratic coalition correcting in Serbia discussed this question all night long since Tuesday on Wednesday, but and has not developed an accurate position. Both Kosovan Serbs, and the authorities in Belgrad consider that without returning in Kosovo of 100 thousand Serbs who have left it hardly it is possible to consider elections legitimate.
in the answer Hans Hekkerup has already expressed readiness to undertake practical steps and to consider concern of Serbs however with requirements put forward by them has disagreed. Mission of the United Nations which made the scenario of forthcoming elections, considers that it managed to provide protection of the rights of not Albanian population in the future authorities. In parliament behind them 20 places from 120, and in the government from 12 persons - two ministerial armchairs are reserved.
despite distinctions between parties of Kosovan Albanians participating in elections, all of them converge in one: Kosovo should be independent. However the world community holds other opinion: Kosovo should remain as a part of Yugoslavia. And its position will be defining.