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Olga Egorov is pure before the law

News agencies have extended an official statement of the ministry of sports of France that dopingovoe business Russian beguni on Olga Egorovoj`s average distances is definitively closed also any continuation henceforth will not have .

From the legal point of view business closing means, in - the first that Olga Egorov can free drive to France - till now the sportswoman suspected of infringement of laws of this country and could detain in its territory, - and in - the second that various boycotts, insults and the attacks appearing, in particular, in a press, Olga Egorov can protest in court.

we will remind that scandal round Russian beguni has inflamed after its performance on July, 6th at the Parisian stage Golden League where from it took a dope - the test. However if the analysis of test And has yielded positive result, the analysis of test B - negative. On the basis of it before the beginning of the World championship on track and field athletics in Edmonton the official representative the dope - commissions IAAF has dismissed with Egorovoj of charge, and it has been admitted to competitions where has convincingly won gold in run on 5000 m. And soon became winner Golden League - the most prestigious series of the International federation of track and field athletics (IAAF).

Business by Egorovoj it has been closed after Parisian a dope - the laboratory could not explain intelligibly why test In the Russian has appeared negative whereas the analysis of test A has yielded positive result on the forbidden preparation eritropoetin (EPO).
In spite of the fact that the Russian sportswoman has been justified, in authoritative French sports newspaper L ` Equipe there was article which author it is transparent hinted that, say, the Russian representative Nikolay Durmanov for any time remained one indoors where were both dope - tests by Egorovoj.
Thus the management of the All-Russia federation of track and field athletics (VFLA) asserts that carrying out a dope - the test basically was illegal. After all IAAF long before the series beginning defines, at what stages sportsmen can be exposed a dope - to control and on what is not present. And the Parisian stage officially was considered free from any control.
after incident with Russian begunej IAAF on the congress in Edmonton has accepted a special rule which henceforth should be observed strictly by all representatives a dope - services at track and field athletics competitions. Its essence consists in taking from the sportsman simultaneously two tests - urine and blood. And only if at research of the first test experts have a suspicion that the sportsman used the forbidden preparation, more thin becomes and, by the way, more expensive analysis of blood. However it is necessary to mean that as affirms as many scientific researches, it is impossible to consider any of techniques of definition ERO existing nowadays made.
president VFLA Valentine Balahnichev on a question of the correspondent how to regard official closing affairs by Egorovoj has told: It so became for a long time a history question what even to remember all this nonsense at all I do not see the equal account any occasion .