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Uzbekistan admitted punishment

Hearings that the American armies already use territory of Uzbekistan for preparation of operation against Talibs, have received yesterday the first official acknowledgement. A press - the secretary of the Pentagon Victoria Clark has informed journalists of Washington Post on the transfer beginning to Uzbekistan the strengthened battalion from structure American 10 - j to a mountain division.

the information published by the Pentagon became at once sensation: after all expansion in the states of the Central Asia of regular forces of the USA (it will be thrown more than thousand soldiers) is the first case of occurrence of the American military men with the fighting task for territories of the former Soviet Union. we very much appreciate support and whole world cooperation, but we want to underline especially importance which we give to the countries of this region - the madam Clark (Victoria Clark) has declared. Such estimation confirms come out before the assumption what exactly Uzbekistan becomes base for the American operation of punishment.
however the Uzbek authorities while refuse to confirm the Pentagon information. In the Minister of Defence of republic speak: We about it do not know . About the same it is possible to hear and in committee on state border protection. But thus the Uzbek military men remind, what exactly mountain arrows 10 - j divisions participated in last year in joint maneuvers with armies of the countries of the Central Asia and have well studied region.
the situation should clear up definitively during visit coming in a weekend to Tashkent Minister of Defence of the USA Donald Ramsfeld (Donald Ramsfeld). Details of its negotiations with the Uzbek management are stored in strict secret. However the American diplomats in Tashkent in private conversations pay attention that before visit of mister Ramsfeld Tashkent concretised the position concerning preparing operation of punishment. The former position of Uzbekistan was following - we give an air passage for humanitarian cargoes under condition of a guarantee of safety of our territory (talib Skady presumably, could cover the Uzbek metallurgical industrial complex). However in the communique about the session which has taken place on October, 1st of the Uzbek National Security council any more it is not told about humanitarian cargoes : Uzbekistan is ready to bring the contribution to liquidation of bases and camps of terrorists to Afghanistan and to give in these purposes the air space .
Donald Ramsfeld, according to the sources close to the American embassy, will be engaged in the coordination of strategy of forthcoming operation and will not discuss its detail is the American military delegation which has visited last week Tashkent has already made. After that on the Uzbek air base Hanabad on border with Afghanistan rough activity became appreciable. And, as eyewitnesses, American " testify; Gerkulesy already became there a usual detail of a landscape.