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Love with special effects

Theatre from Montreal at festival of modern dance

At the second European festival of modern dance at theatre Commonwealth of actors of Taganki the Canadian company Two worlds has shown performance the Leitmotif - about love during the Second World War.

a musical drama the Leitmotif it is impossible to name dancing even with great reserve. No less than inhabitants of the North America - Europeans. On festival of modern dance Canadians have arrived as visitors with the scenic gift, and to a presented horse usually in teeth do not look. In particular such - touching, naive, it is defenceless - pathos.
well, imagine, two live to themselves in silent Montreal grazhdanstvenno the anxious creator - director Daniel Meyer (Daniel Meilleur) and composer Michel Robidu (Michel Robidoux). Also they conceive performance about love during war - because as it is told in an aaplet, it is impossible to wait, when war will be included into your house to be indignant . And here they there, in Canada, read about war, look the documentary chronicle, imagine a concentration camp and other horrors, and then melt all it into artistic images. The composer creates the score with leitmotives: knock of wheels, rain noise, chaos of an adjusted orchestra. The director thinks out a plot: she is a Jew and here - here will be seized by fascists, it is enlisted in armies vermahta. Last night before parting. It instead of a concentration camp appears in Resistance, he runs from Russian front and falls into clutches whether Gestapo, whether Frenchmen - winners. It torture, she tries to commit suicide. After war they meet. It - is pregnant, it - has lost mind. He dies, she throws the newborn daughter and will emigrate to the USA.
Play this plot of three actors in the spirit of poetic student`s theatre 60 - h. Comments to action are given in the form of the letter of the heroine which after half a century is read by the thrown daughter with tears in the face of. The text translated into Russian on - is French graceful and aphoristic: they have noted my person a bad star or we danced under stars, but, I think, us have forced to go on ashes . Past pictures are shown by means of an old kind pantomime, but with different style colouring. So, kisses on a bench are quite realistic, and, say, a scene of tortures - a continuous art metaphor (in light circle - boots of the tyrant and a naked body tortured, suspended for one foot to grid-irons). In especially pathetic places the heroine sings ( About - about - about - about! - in love ecstasy, Both - and - and! - during the moments of the higher suffering).
But as it is surprising, in cleanliness of feelings and intentions of authors why - that you trust. It is visible that it not the conjuncture, is sincere attempt to worry another`s experience. Probably, in any full country this sad story could influence peace inhabitants. Unfortunately, in Moscow it influences worse.
its amazingly beautiful visual number is really good in performance only. Real heroes the Leitmotif there were authors of the light score Don Franklin and Nensi Longshamp (Don Franclin, Nancy Longchamp), and also Iv Djube (Yve Dube), mounted a photo - and video effects. At their will the scenic space shook: dropped out in a hall, it was bent by an arch, shrivelled to a weak-sighted window and swung open in the starlit night. Shades of characters fell out in snow-covered wood, rushed under wheels of a train and indulged in love in chaos of grey whirlwinds. Actors in a flesh disturbed to the virtual doubles a little, but definitively spoil performance could not.