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Diego Maradona will play for Fidel Castro

Diego Maradona has decided to lead a match in honour of own 40 - letija: the legendary Argentinean already declared that it will take place on November, 10th in Buenos - Ajrese. Preparation for it has begun with Maradona`s next scandalous trick. In the list of the guests of honour invited by it on game, the Cuban president Fidel Castro appears the first.

Diego Maradona (Diego Maradona) connect with Fidel Castro (Fidel Castro) close relations. In the beginning of 2000 the Cuban leader, having learnt that the Argentinean so was fond of cocaine that has appeared at deaths door, has invited him to be treated to Cuba. Since then Maradona there and lives.
the Cuban free medicine - so at least confirms the football player - has created with it miracles. Having received medical treatment on freedom Island, he felt so well that has wanted to remember old and to play in football. Doctor Edward Gonsales Saavedra (Edward Gonzalez Saavedra) which observes of Maradona, says that its ward who rather hardly could go recently, is really ready to play.
it is no wonder that the world champion of 1986 declares: it on a life coffin will be grateful to the Cuban leader, whose person it, speak, has already tattooed on own body near to the image of other ardent revolutionary - Che Guevaras (Che Guevara). In Cuba I again could breathe a full breast. For me Fidel Castro is a live legend. Without it I to manage it is simple I can not - he speaks.
and that as - that to express the gratitude to the friend, Maradona has decided to invite mister Castro to the anniversary which promises to become a great occasion. The list of football players which, most likely, will participate in a match, anyway, makes strong impression: Among them and Frenchman Michel Platini (Michel Platini), both Brazilian Romariu (Romario), and Dutch Marko Van Basten (Marco Van Basten), and Argentinean Gabriel Batistuta (Gabriel Batistuta), and German Lotar Matteus (Lothar Matthaeus). And in number the VIP - visitors two well-known Cuban athletes with whom Maradona has had time to make friends, - Ivan Pedroso (Ivan Pedroso) and Javier Sotomajor (Javier Sotomayor).
Diego Maradona, by the way, has already begun intense training to a match. Every day he runs trustsoj and is engaged with a boxing pear.